Woman gives birth in car crash then can’t find baby

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GEORGIA (CNN) – A frantic trip to the emergency room became even more chaotic for a Georgian family when a mother gave birth in a car accident – and they couldn’t find the newborn when the vehicle went out is immobilized.

Police said a woman was driving her SUV early Monday morning in Lilburn, Georgia, transporting her pregnant adult daughter and a one-year-old to hospital because the girl was in labor.

It was dark and the roads were wet. When the driver attempted to turn around, her vehicle aquaplaned across the roadway, hit a sidewalk and utility pole before hitting a brick wall, police said.

Police body camera footage from the scene shows the SUV’s windows shattered on impact.

Lilburn Police Officers Cepeda Huff and Daniel Bride and Sgt. Matt Madden responded to the scene.

“I gave birth in the car,” police were heard to say in body camera footage. The women told officers they couldn’t find the baby.

Officers began searching for the newborn, using flashlights to search the area around the SUV.

Officer Huff began to search the backseat of the SUV where the pregnant woman was sitting. It was there that he found the baby under a seat with the umbilical cord still attached.

Body camera footage shows Huff gently lifting the baby from under the seat and leading him towards the rescuers.

The whole family was taken to a local hospital. The newborn was placed in neonatal intensive care and was stable.

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