What’s the trend? The most read stories about the APAC beauty market and consumer insights

1 – Postbiotics in beauty hold potential for the development of new products

There is potential for microbiome in the anti-aging segment, where more and more consumers are looking for solutions that target the root causes of skin aging.

the The latest research on postbiotics has indicated a lot of promise as an anti-aging ingredient.

“Postbiotics are by-products of probiotics and many of these postbiotics are actually amino acids. If there is a harmonious and well-balanced skin microbiome producing postbiotics, you have naturally produced amino acids to firm, smooth, and even reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging,” explained Julius Lim, CEO of Malaysia-based derma beauty brand, B&B Labs.

Postbiotics can also protect the skin against ultraviolet exposure, one of the main causes of skin aging.

2 – VNI Scientific envisions huge cosmetic potential in Malaysian rainforests

A Malaysian cosmetics manufacturer believes there is huge potential in explore the use of local rainforest herbs as cosmetic ingredients.

VNI Scientific offers a handful of local ingredients, including kesum, moringa, neem, mangosteen, and pineapple extract.

He expects the demand for local Malaysian herbs to grow, as these ingredients have an appealing history and can reduce costs and long import lead times.

In addition, local consumers were more willing to support local businesses, especially since the market was able to offer them quality products at a lower price.

3 – Why beauty brands can expect the e-commerce boom to continue in 2022 – Shopee

Premiumization, improved augmented reality services, greater sampling possibilities and the The growing popularity of e-commerce outside major cities in Asia may propel online sales growth in the beauty category in 2022.

E-commerce platform Shopee believes that e-commerce has become part of consumers’ lifestyle and way of life and expects the online shopping habit to continue long after the COVID pandemic. -19.

This year, Shopee will update its suite of shopper engagement features, such as Shopee BeautyCam, an augmented reality (AR) makeup trial tool.

It will further expand its marketing efforts with a new sampling program to attract new buyers in several categories, including beauty.

4 – How the pandemic has redefined anti-aging for beauty consumers

The acceleration of well-being and Personal care trends during the COVID-19 pandemic are accelerating the eradication of beauty consumers’ longstanding desire to completely erase the signs of aging.

A new generation of brands like Earth Rhythm no longer offered anti-aging products.

That’s not to say consumers aren’t looking for products to smooth fine lines or firm their skin. However, the results they expected to see became more grounded and realistic.

While anti-aging has traditionally been an important beauty category, more and more brands like Earth Rhythm no longer see it as a priority.

5 – WATCH – Aromababy and Lovekins on Baby Care Market Opportunities and Challenges

Look at Aromababy and Lovekins, two brands that have established themselves as the precursors of childcare in China, discuss trends, opportunities and regulatory issues facing this segment.

With the relaxation of the one-child policy and the trend towards premiumization of consumer goods, China’s baby care market is considered one of the most attractive in personal care.

However, it’s still in the early stages of development and comes with its own set of challenges, including a tough new set of regulations and notoriously picky consumers.

Today’s Chinese parents prioritize safety and efficiency, as well as the social values ​​of a brand.

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