Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Talks Give Them Lala Beauty, Injectables & Past Makeup Mistakes

Lala Kent has made a mark for herself by sharing herself with her fans. Literally. Her beauty line and her podcast are both called “Give Them Lala,” and that’s exactly what she does. She spent years documenting her life on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rulesshared details of her off-camera life on her podcast and, of course, shared some of her top beauty tips along the way.

Her beauty line, Give Them Lala Beauty was born out of a place of practicality as well as her love of makeup. “My manager came to me and said I need to create something to fall back on when this show is gone and he asked me, what are you interested in?” said Kent. “I love beauty so much and that’s how Give Them Lala Beauty was born.” The line originally launched in 2017 with six lip glosses, testing the waters and developing its own perspective on product creation. “My first thought was, if I’m not going to wear it, I don’t want to put it out there,” Kent explains. “I had to know that I would feel comfortable putting it in my purse and wearing it all night, because if I don’t want to take my own lip gloss, then we’re doing something wrong,” she says. And people responded. In five years, Give Them Lala Beauty has grown into a comprehensive brand including all kinds of makeup and skincare. It’s never been easier to take a little piece of Lala with you, whether it’s her favorite cleanser or an eyeshadow palette named after one of her iconic Vanderpump Rules lines.

Below, Kent talks to NYLON on her makeup routines, injectables and the beauty tips she got from Lisa Vanderpump.

What is your first beauty memory?

Oh my God, I’ve been interested in beauty since I was about five years old. My mom always told me to put Vaseline around my eyes to prevent crow’s feet. And I was like, “What are crow’s feet?” But I looked at my mother. Then I remember one time when she left her makeup bag and there was no one around and I put mascara on – I think I was six – and I felt then cute. I remember my mother asking me: “did you put on mascara? I was so embarrassed, I said no, but clearly she could tell. From there, I figured this makeup thing was my jam.

How did your relationship with beauty develop and change as you grew up?

Well, I think we’ve all gone through the trend of buying Oompa Loompa makeup. In seventh grade, it was just when simple life dated Paris Hilton and the spray tan look. I mean, I know it wasn’t a great look, but honestly, I still love it so much to this day. It was pretty much the first time I started doing makeup and my dad would look at my mom and say, “Are we really going to let her leave the house like this?” And my mom was like, “Let her do her thing. She’s going through a phase.

I love that your mom was so supportive.

She was still biting her tongue. She figured if my daughter came out of the house feeling pretty and confident with that kind of makeup, then I’d let her do her thing. I just pray that I can be exactly the same with my daughter.

Where are you in your beauty evolution now?

Clearly, I’ve outgrown the base color I loved in college. But everything changed when I was on my first season of Vanderpump Rules. The season started airing and Lisa Vanderpump pulled me aside and told me I needed to up my makeup game. Maybe it was my interview look or just something wrong. And I remember thinking that I should be offended, but I wasn’t. I decided to start watching tutorials and I will learn how to contour and how to do eye shadow correctly. That’s when everything changed.

I feel like if she had had this conversation with me before entering the lion’s den, I would have been a little sensitive. But I had been through the ringer for about four months by then, so someone giving me beauty advice was the least of my worries. All season, I’ve had, you know, taken the wrath of other people for showing my butt on Instagram.

Do you remember everything she told you?

I remember I was at the SUR hostess booth and she told me to start playing with a smoker look to accentuate my eyes. I used to wear this shimmery peach shadow, but all over my entire eye. She told me that I should start using blush. I had never used blush. So I started dabbling and then I had the best time of my life with makeup. Later, my manager came up to me and said I had to create something to fall back on when this show was gone and he asked me, what are you interested in? I said the face. I love beauty so much and that’s how Give Them Lala Beauty was born.

What are your must-have beauty products?

I can’t live without Bio-Oil. I can’t live without Vaseline. I started Give Them Lala Skin when I was pregnant and had the worst cystic acne and my hormones were raging. My Botanical Infused Cleanser was the only thing keeping me from getting hormonal acne, so I can’t live without it. All Give Them Lala Skin, of course. A simple moisturizer I use is Ponds, which you can get at the grocery store and it’s amazing. You don’t have to go to a department store and spend $400 on a cream to get results. Beauty can certainly be affordable and work.

What does your daily routine look like?

If I’m just hanging out with my kid, the first thing I think of is just moisturizing my face – I don’t wear makeup. Either I put my bio-oil on or I soak my skin in the ponds. If I’m filming, we pull out all the stops. I put on my false eyelashes. I dive into all of my Give Them Lala eyeshadow palettes. I can’t live without a lip liner – lip liners are everything to me. I have this product called Diamond Drip, it’s a liquid highlighter and I mix it with my foundation. I love the look of fair, dewy, delicious skin.

How long do you need to prepare when doing a full face?

Well, I love to chat, so I always allow myself about an hour and a half. Keep in mind that I might want to sit and just watch the scene from The Real Housewives of New York who plays – I constantly play OG Housewives on Hulu. I love a good luxurious prep time. I don’t like to be in a hurry.

Do you go back and see you again Vanderpump Rules?

No. This freaks me out! I’m not saying I’ve never done it, but watching it makes me cringe a bit. If I rewind I tend to fast forward through my scenes unless I look like I’m hitting. Then I mute it and just enjoy its aesthetic.

Do you have an all-time favorite beauty look from the show?

I love this question! Season eight, I felt so hot. Like my face was perfectly injected, my hair was bleached blonde and long, my outfits were on point, my makeup was flawless. I don’t know what I did differently, but that season I felt like myself. And I was so disappointed because this was the season they brought in 101 new cast members and I just don’t feel like this version of Lala got the camera time she deserved [laughs].

Who do you like to work with for your injectables?

With the face and the injection, things can go wrong very quickly. Dr Diamond, I trust my life injecting my face and giving myself the perfect amount of filler not to completely change but just to add some shine to what I already have. Then I go to Leigh at Skintight Aesthetics for my lips, because lips can go really bad really fast too. I only trust her.

What is your beauty philosophy?

do what does you feel beautiful and confident. I’m sitting here and talking about how amazing natural beauty is, and then I’m also talking about getting my face injected. I understand how that sounds and people say ‘don’t do that’ or ‘you don’t need that’. I want people to know that what other people think doesn’t matter. However, you feel beautiful and confident, which is exactly the way you should do things. If you feel beautiful with your lips, the size of a fucking house, then that’s exactly what you should be doing.

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