Tvachamrit aims for 100% growth through revival of beauty rituals

Talk to CosmeticDesign-Asia​, founder Aastha Jain said the brand was inspired by the personal rituals of her own upbringing. She said her family did not use commercial toiletries but made their own.

Among them was ubtan, a traditional concoction usually made of a powder, such as turmeric powder, and activated with a liquid component such as saffron milk, oil, rose water, or turmeric gel. aloe vera.

“It’s a very fine powder that you can use all over your body as a scrub or as a face mask. Growing up, my mum would use whatever we had left – three or four fruits, a vegetable and add it to powdered turmeric and that was it. Jain said.

With Tvachamrit, Jain said she wanted to reintroduce and modernize things like ubtan, which tends to take a while to prepare. “Today, my mother doesn’t do it for me and I don’t have time to do it. That’s why I wanted to develop ready-to-use powders that you can scoop, add milk or whatever and use on your skin.

Return of rituals

Tvachamrit debuted in 2018 and, according to Jain, was doing relatively well before India imposed its COVID-19 lockdown, affecting production work. Once lifted, the brand continued to do well and ended up growing 100% year over year, according to Jain.

“It was an interesting time. It was great because everyone started to realize that we had this rich culture of skincare and Ayurvedic practices,” Jain said.

“In the past, women in India took two hours for their bathing ceremonies. They would oil and massage each other. This is called Sneha, which means pampering and self-love. Women also used to spray their hair to perfume it. During COVID, people finally had time to sit down and take care of themselves and enjoy the rituals.

At the same time, the brand faces growing competition from a host of new beauty brands. To compete, he relied on creating educational content on social media to speak to his niche audience.

Now, with the pandemic behind it, the brand aims to expand its target audience, Jain said.

“What we are trying to do now is establish ourselves as an accessible luxury brand in India. Our competitors are very big brands, but their prices are a bit high and not available to everyone. India remains a very price-sensitive market.

In addition to its price proposition, the brand has expanded its product offering to cater to a wider target group. She recently launched two products, a face oil and a rose hydrosol. Jain revealed that the brand will launch two more products this year.

“We really want to have 100% growth again this year in terms of turnover. I think it’s totally doable because, like I said, post-COVID a lot of people have become more aware of rituals and skincare and ingredients,” Jain said.

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