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Zabi Malik, CEO, Queens Medical Center

Hybridizing logic of health and technology, Queens Medical Center accelerates growth

Combining years of experience and trusted global expertise, Queens Medical Center is a highly qualified dental clinic and dermatology center. The center offers exceptional treatment and care seven days a week. Speaking of the early days, Zabi Malik, CEO of Queens Medical Center, spoke about his trip to Dubai. “I was born and raised in Dubai and my family has lived there for over 30 years. As I was finishing my primary education here, I moved to Canada to get my Masters in Business Administration and then came back to Dubai. I wanted to give back to society and do something that would help in that direction. So, with my brother who is himself a dentist, I opened our first clinic, located at 2nd December Street in Dubai, which offers people affordable but good quality dental and dermatological treatments.

Further speaking about Dubai’s dental and dermatology industry, Malik highlighted the important factors affecting the market. “Dentistry and to some extent dermatology in Dubai are either very expensive or insufficient in terms of the services provided. People here, especially expats, tend to avoid or delay their treatments until they travel to their home country, where these services are provided at a more cost-effective rate. This is where I found an opportunity through which I could serve society by providing affordable and high quality dental and dermatology services to people.

The aim of the center is to provide individual dental and dermatological treatments with the latest technology. Adding the same, Malik said, “We aim to provide a great experience and we are very aware of the doctors we work with. Patient comfort is our priority and our team is made up of people who understand and realize it.

Recently, the center added all types of blood tests for patients to its list of services. Speaking about this new development, Malik said, “Often times these tests are not covered by insurance and cost people dearly. We have therefore arranged to provide these tests at an affordable cost. Even if you don’t have a serious illness, it’s always good to be sure, and if it’s affordable, we believe more people will go for periodic check-ups which will help avoid serious circumstances down the road.

Aiming to provide the best treatments at the best price using the best technology, Malik has focused on providing the best service, rather than focusing on the competition. “I think what works for us is the focus on service. Our consultation is free, so if anyone needs treatment, they are welcome to discuss their issues without having to pay anything. We are fortunate to have a great team of doctors, nurses and support staff, who work like one big family. “

The medical industry has made discoveries about treatments, collecting data, researching symptoms and diseases, finding cures using technology. “Our technological advance is more evident in the treatments we offer. When we first started we promised not to compromise on our services and technology has a huge role to play in that regard. Our doctors are constantly learning and improving, and we are totally focused on that part, ”explained Malik.

Queens Medical Center prioritizes patient-centered services. Focusing on the client’s need, Malik calls patient happiness as his accomplishment. “Every patient who leaves our clinic with a smile is a success, and so we have a lot of them. Another more quantifiable one would be that it’s only been three years since we launched Queens and now we are opening the second branch in a few months in Burjuman. Malik also revealed his long-term plan for Queen’s presence across the Middle East.

Malik also pointed towards the younger generation. He said that today’s generation is born into an era where technology is a way of life and hence it easily adapts to new processes and systems. “We are fortunate to have access to knowledge through various mediums and you should make the most of it. Develop your network with people who share the same values. Focus on being someone of value and success will eventually happen, ”said Malik.

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