TikTok’s Hyram Yarbro Talks Skincare and Career Growth

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Welcome to Big Break, where some of the most influential people in the beauty industry reflect on the moments that shaped them – from good to bad and everything in between. Here, content creator and brand founder Hyram Yarbro shares how he became one of the most recognized beauty and skincare names on YouTube and TikTok, eventually launching his own eponymous brand, Selfless by Hyram.

Hyram Yarbro remembers the first time he stepped into a Sephora like it was yesterday. Five years ago, he ventured into the beauty supply store in search of a tinted moisturizer to conceal the sunburn he had picked up at the beach before an important job interview.

“I was still struggling with my own identity and coming to terms with my sexual orientation, so being in that environment was definitely a bit unnerving for me,” Yarbro told POPSUGAR. Growing up in Arizona on a cattle ranch, he describes his surroundings as “ultra traditional and conservative,” so the idea of ​​men experimenting with makeup and beauty products was virtually unheard of. “But the second I walked in, I was immediately made to feel comfortable by the people who were there.”

He walked away with BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer and a mascara and immediately went home to try it out. “It was the first time I could feel beautiful,” he says. “Self-confidence was something I had really struggled with, but when I put on that tinted moisturizer and looked in the mirror, it was just such a powerful and transformative moment.”

That moment changed his life forever. “I not only wanted to spend more time investing in the world of cosmetics, but I also wanted to bring that experience to other people,” says Yarbro. He started following makeup artists on YouTube like NikkieTutorials and Manny MUA and became fascinated with both their skills and the online communities they had fostered. “There’s such a sense of community in beauty, and as someone who had never really felt what a tight-knit community was, it immediately appealed to me.”

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