Tijuana mayor’s decision to leave – again – postponed

TIJUANA (Border report– The saga of Arturo González Cruz’s tenure as mayor of Tijuana took another odd turn by abruptly canceling the council meeting where he was supposed to officially announce his second resignation in less than five weeks.

The first time he resigned was on October 14, he had been at work for less than a year. González Cruz is said to have resigned with the intention of running for governor.

Moving away, the city council appointed Karla Ruiz McFarland to take over as Tijuana’s first female mayor.

But three weeks later, González Cruz decided to return, calling his leave as simply a sabbatical and saying Ruiz was just a “replacement”.

González Cruz said last Friday that he really wanted to step down and said he would ask the board to make it official today.

But Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla intervened, saying he had the legal right to appoint a replacement. Bonilla even sent an emergency bill to the state Senate to make it official.

Upon learning that the Senate had sided with Bonilla, González Cruz decided to postpone his plans and canceled the city council meeting.

The mayor was quick to criticize Bonilla’s intentions.

“Once again Governor Jaime Bonilla has demonstrated the best interests of the public and the development of Baja California takes precedence over his selfish interests which benefit only himself. It is another act in search of absolute power in total disregard of the law and the autonomy of municipalities, ”said González Cruz.

González Cruz now says he will postpone his resignation until he is convinced that Bonilla changes his actions.

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