This body butter will give you the radiance and fragrance of your dreams

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Do you want to get that irresistible daily aroma? The kind of scent that leaves people anticipating the next time they see you – much like the first time you meet Rihanna to find out if all the hype around her angelic scent is true. What if we told you that the same product will also brighten up your melanin giving you the glow of your dreams without worrying about that unwanted sticky feeling? Royale Flyness, a black owned cosmetics company, creates a variety of body butters that will do exactly as described.

Founder Ian Campbell started the business in 2019 after realizing that there weren’t many options for men’s personal care products or brands focused on showcasing men of color. Day to day, you can find the most melancholy eye treat on the brand’s Instagram showing how they use Royale Flyness products. “There’s this thing that black men don’t like spending time pampering or taking care of themselves, and I wanted to prove that’s not at all true,” Campbell says.

Even from the published photos, it is clear that the body butter offers a prominent natural glow. But what you can’t see is how amazing the scent is – or maybe you can see it in the rave reviews on the website or in the Instagram comments. However, if you’d like to give it a try rather than take our word for it, the brand is offering a free sample pack on their website to give customers the option to try out four different body butters before committing to the full size. . My favorite is “Zeus”. The vanilla musk and sandalwood butter melt into my skin and let me shine and attract endless questions like “what are you wearing?” ”

One of the great things about Campbell’s products is that they are all made with natural ingredients and the brand also offers a vegan assortment. “Our body butters give the skin a natural glow because it doesn’t sit on the skin causing that oily / sticky feeling that most people don’t particularly care about,” Campbell said. The brand also offers an unscented body butter for those who just want to nourish their skin and achieve the heavenly glow. And don’t worry ladies! Royale Flyness has also got you covered with its ‘Diamond Princess’ body butter which contains notes of jasmine, raspberry and rose.

Along with shine body butters, Royale Flyness offers an assortment of body cleansers, bar soaps, beard care products, body oils, lip care products and body sprays. Campbell mentioned her childhood memories of going to luxury retail stores with her grandmother to learn more about the top and middle fragrance notes and being drawn to making facials made home at a young age. “I guess having a cosmetics business has always been in the cards for me,” he said. “I hope to continue to expand my product line and brand presence, but also to be a brand that continues to promote inclusiveness.”

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