This anti-aging cream with snail mucin transforms skin problems

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Two words: Snail slime. The unusual ingredient has is making massive waves in the skin care industry For several reasons; it stimulates collagen production, heals everything from acne scars to irritations, and deeply hydrates the skin with natural vitamins and antioxidants. Products containing snail mucin have been shown to improve virtually all skin problems and redditors dedicated to skin care and celebrities swear to keep the ingredient in their diets.

What witchcraft is hiding inside anti-aging cream? Credit can be given to niacinamide, adenosine, peptides, 27 plant extracts and, last but not least, African black snail mucin. Altogether, the ingredients firm, lift and smooth out any problem that is present on the skin overnight. The formula has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, so even those with the most unstable complexion can sleep soundly after applications.

One reviewer likened its skin to a “sponge” because of the ease and speed with which it absorbs cream without leaving a greasy residue. Another shared that after a severe reaction to excessive exfoliation, an application of the cream before bed had saved him. “I wake up the next morning and would say 70% of the bumps are gone, and the rest are completely reduced in size,” they wrote. “No one itches me anymore except for a few stragglers on my chin. All in less than 24 hours!

Another devoted fan wrote: “I use the all-in-one cream and the snail repair eye cream, and honest with God, he is a miracle worker. People tell me I have a glow on my skin. I have people who come and ask me what I use all the time. “

“I have been using this cream for a month now and my skin looks amazing,” said another reviewer. “My skin is shining, looking fresh, my skin spots are shrinking, and it’s weird but my facial skin is getting tighter. I don’t know how to explain the tightness, but I have really terrible laugh lines and laughter lines. this cream helps smooth them out. “

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