The small, women-owned business that changed skincare around the world

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which honors local women-owned businesses that have a big impact in your community. Pour Moi is one of those small businesses, and it has completely changed the world of skin care with its main philosophy: where you live is the most important factor in a successful anti-aging skin care routine.

For me created the world’s first and only Climate-Smart skin care line because medical research has shown this location matters far more than skin type, ethnicity, or age when it comes to skin care routines.

Pour Moi’s skin care methods were formed when founder Ulli Haslacher observed her father’s work as an exterior powder coating painter. She realized that the paint would work differently in different climates and found that it was because the climate affected the surface under the paint. Haslacher applied this concept to skin care, leading to the revolutionary skin care products that you can now enjoy.

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Climate-Smart day creams: Proper skin care begins as soon as you wake up in the morning. Pour Moi has identified six climatic zones around the world (marine, temperate, tropical, polar, desert and mountain) and has personalized a day cream for each of them.

In marine climates like the Pacific Northwest, sunlight is amplified by overcast skies and reflects off surrounding bodies of water. Humidity is also generally higher in marine climates than in dry climates, which promotes perspiration that remains trapped in the pores.

Three-step system: In addition to day creams, Pour Moi offers a three-step signature system which revolves around four different products. As you may have guessed, the same three-step system doesn’t apply to everyone. It is personalized according to the region where you live! All you need to do is find your climate, quench your thirst with a moisturizer, soak in a serum, and alternate between two DIFFERENT day creams depending on the daily weather in your area.

Night cream: In terms of climates, the evening falls into its own category. For me night cream is associated with your skin’s desire to repair itself during sleep. When used in tandem with the climate specific day cream regimen, the night cream can help rejuvenate your skin to the fullest.

Stop throwing skincare products at your face and seeing what sticks. The answer to your skin care concerns is right outside your doorstep and at You’ll find night creams, serums, balancers, masks, day creams and more, all meant to treat and rejuvenate your skin depending on where you live.

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