The only hair tool I bother to use is on sale for just $ 34 right now

Left: my natural hair texture; right: after using the Revlon One-Step brush.

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If there’s one type of person I can’t relate to, it’s those who have the manual dexterity to manipulate a round brush and hair dryer in elegant choreography to achieve smooth, voluminous, quality blowouts. salon. (The magic of the French braid comes right after.) Without the addition of a third arm, my options have always been to flat iron my entire hair personality, curling it until I look like Dolly. Parton, or to wear them au naturel and to reassure everyone that I did not just get electrocuted. Or I guess I could run an arm and a leg through a blow-dry bar. But as I established I have to to grow an arm, not spend one.

The Revlon blow-dry brush does the job of a round brush and a hair dryer at the same time.

Enter the Revlon One Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush. I saw this trending hair tool on TikTok over the summer, shortly after finding out that my side part and skinny jeans were old fashioned without my consent. I browsed the TikTok videos of Gen Z’ers trend evangelize the brush, which they say does the job of both a round brush and a hair dryer, effectively making you one of your arms. I was in a vulnerable state of millennial geriatric discomfort, and the brush was on sale for First day. I bit the hook.

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I identify as type 2B wavy, with extra frizz from a humid climate and postpartum rebellious regrowth. My hair is wide and combed, a real mane, cousin of cousin Itt. I once went as Lorde for Halloween, with an honorable likeness. I bought countless impulses hair tools, accessories and products over the years – Curlformers, bumps, Hairagami, the Revo Styler – many of which didn’t work well on thick hair (the butterfly clip era was especially taxing for me). And after falling into the TikTok rabbit hole, I expected the Revlon brush to be just as disappointing.

To my surprise, the learning curve was only a small berm, and my hair looked almost salon-like after just one try. I have found a lot of overlapping muscle memory after years of using the curling iron, and with the help of a few TikTok tutorials, I am now able to achieve both a bouncy, wavy look and style. more right from the same tool. I like that curly styles with the Revlon brush aren’t too much Loose Leo and straight styles aren’t soft either. And I love that I can blow dry and style my hair at the same time, which not only saves time, but also potential heat damage.

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Here is how the Revlon One Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush Works: Like a round brush, the one-step volumizer is round – elliptical, in fact – and covered in soft bristles to smooth strands of hair as it passes over it. And like a hair dryer, the tool blows hot air inside the brush, drying your hair and fixing the curl (with three heat settings) as it goes. Unlike competitors like the Dyson Airwrap, Revlon’s two-in-one doesn’t come with any attachments and it won’t automatically wrap your hair. It’s also only about 10% of the price, at retail for $ 60 and currently on Black Friday sale for as low as $ 34.

These days I’m still struggling with a bit of frizz at my roots – Revlon’s large barrel makes it hard to get very close to your scalp – but it’s nothing once with a curling iron and a spoonful of product cannot remedy this. Other than that, I have hardly used any other hair tools since purchasing the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush five months ago. And not a single person asked if I had been recently electrocuted.

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