The beauty trends we saw in quarantine

IN the almost a year and a half since we were quarantined, a multitude of trends in the beauty industry have followed one another. We started in March 2020 thinking the pandemic would be over in a month or two, but we’re still here and many have come out with full-face makeup and had skincare routines.

So much has changed since then and on the beauty front we have dealt with a lot of issues including acne and allergies. We threw out expired makeup and skin care products. We still wear makeup even under our masks but for now skin care seems to be more important. We have seen the death of lipstick and the rise of colored balms. Blush, contours and highlights are now unknown to most of us. Because so many of us have gotten into K-Drama and K-pop, more and more people are starting to explore K-beauty and the ingredients and techniques that make it so ahead of its time.

Here are some of the beauty trends we love:

  • COLORED LIP BALMS. Almost every brand had their version of this, from Colourbalm from Colourette Cosmetics and Hydragloss from Issy & Co to Glow Play Balm from MAC Cosmetics and California Kissin ‘ColorBalm from Benefit Cosmetics. We all wanted juicy, hydrated lips. Being indoors meant we could have glossy lips without the hair sticking to them.
  • TO HAVE ROOTS IS NOT SHAME. Before the pandemic, many of them went to salons or tinkered with our roots every month, but of course there are more pressing concerns these days than gray hair. Also, we could hide these roots on Zoom with a headband or a different hair part. Some men and women have even chosen to go completely gray. We were inspired by the beautiful Dawn Zulueta, who embraced her gray roots and stopped coloring her hair.
  • WE LOVE EYESHADOW PALETTES. Many of us stopped buying makeup, but for some reason (mainly because wearing masks meant only our eyes could be seen), many were still buying eye shadow palettes, mascara, and makeup. the eyeliner.
  • SUPREME REIGN SKIN CARE. The most explored area of ​​beauty was skin care. Even those who had just cleaned their faces before their forties began to take an interest in toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. Sales of skin care products have increased worldwide although the beauty industry generally suffered in 2020.
  • K-BEAUTY. The hit series Hyun Bin-Son Ye-jin Crash landing on you gave Hallyu an even bigger push towards the mainstream, so we explored serums, essences, toning creams and water gels, hoping that would help us achieve the almost translucent skin of the great ladies of K-drama.
  • LET’S PUSH OUR EYEBROWS. We couldn’t visit our favorite brow bars and didn’t care as much. Maybe that was a big deal at first until we realized we could fake it with brow products. Momoi Isupe, who is considered an eyebrow genius, started Strokes Beauty Lab and her first line was a line of eyebrow products called the Brow Artist Collection. The star product was the Microblade Pen Perfector.
  • WELCOME OUR DEFECTS. Perhaps the most important beauty trend was that people were just becoming more relaxed about their blemishes, including acne, hyperpigmentation, and being overweight. Some would call it letting go, but we prefer to say it is about loving ourselves and embracing our imperfections.
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