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Transforming the lives of millions of patients through his innate excellent work is Dr. Ahmad Moukalled who has earned a special name for himself.

Published: Thu 30 Jun 2022, 08:55

The current generation golden age has seen it all, new ideas, advents, advancements, latest technologies, cutting edge products and services that have been extremely beneficial to the next generation customers. Across various sectors and industries, the healthcare industry has grown exponentially, resulting in many new procedures and products that have changed the lives of millions of patients. Surgeons and healthcare professionals have been at the forefront of many of these dynamic and positive changes that have enabled patients to lead happy and healthier lives. Within the healthcare structure, different verticals have also grown phenomenally, catapulting them to use best-in-class products and new technologies to curb sickness and disease of patients and help them relive their lives. life. The world of medical aesthetics and cosmetics as a niche within the healthcare system has seen phenomenal growth, with more and more people acquiring the proper knowledge and awareness about the procedures and products involved. Let’s read about a surgeon and medical professional named Dr. Ahmad Moukalled who has taken many positive steps to impart the right knowledge and help patients know more about cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Born on October 12, 1986 and raised in Beirut, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has taken many initiatives and steps to take the medical aesthetic niche to the next level by not only assisting patients with his surgical expertise, but passing on to them also good knowledge. By helping patients achieve their desired features and appearance, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has touched the lives of millions of patients by instilling in them a great level of confidence and reliving their lives to the fullest. His exceptional work ethic and practices have propelled him to become a one stop solution for patients in aesthetics, cosmetic surgery and care. He opened his first clinic in Beirut in 2018 then began to practice in Dubai then in Egypt, soon in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmad received many awards and honors at this young age. After earning his bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery, Dr. Ahmad finished at the top of his class, then earned his specialty in general surgery from the American University of Beirut to become a board-certified surgeon. He then moved to the United States where he became a diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine in San Diego, California, gaining extensive experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. He is the national ambassador of IBSA Derma and a certified national trainer in the UAE. Her work in the super niche segment of full face and touch transformation in Profhilo for face and neck lift won her many accolades.

A graduate of the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Ahmad is on the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and is currently working on international research with IBSA Derma to evaluate the effect of Profhilo Body on butt lift in combination with buttock fillers. . To make life easier for patients and have hassle-free appointment systems, Dr. Ahmad has now started booking appointments online through his website – www.drahmadmoukalled.com. One can easily visit the website which has been designed in such a way to be extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate to book the appointments. With the majority of patients today being tech-savvy, it has become even easier for them to find out more about the consulting surgeon, read other patient testimonials, have better clarity of procedures and products, and also to have easy access to health professionals and to request appointments. .

With the goal of providing best-in-class treatment options and helping patients regain their aesthetic confidence, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is forging ahead to reach great heights of success. Follow him on Instagram @drahmadmoukalled.

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