Super soft and hypoallergenic skin by Drypers

Looking for a super soft diaper for your baby or just worried about diaper rash? Here’s why you should try Skinature by Drypers, a new range of hypoallergenic diapers!

As parents, we know how difficult it is to choose the right diapers for our children! Comfort, fit and breathability are all contributing factors. But when a range of nappies are guaranteed to be ultra-soft and allergen-free, you can be sure bub will be comfortable with less risk of diaper rash!

Did you know that Drypers now offers a range of hypoallergenic and allergen-free nappies? Skinature by Drypers is allergen-free and offers superior softness, with Derma-Care™ technology to ensure it’s gentle on all skin types. Soft materials not only guarantee comfort but also provide superior absorbency! Skinature diapers even have a 3D embossed top layer for better absorbency so baby’s skin stays clean and dry.

Dermatologically tested to be free of allergens

Diaper rash is toddlers’ number one enemy in diapers, so we’re glad to know that Skinature by Drypers is dermatologically tested to be free of allergens that cause redness, irritation or rashes. In fact, it is specifically free of EU26 allergens – the 26 most well-known allergenic substances in Europe that are commonly defined as substances that induce allergies! This includes the absence of chlorine, fragrance and other allergens.

Premium softness and superior absorbency

Drypers have really thought about every aspect of the comfort and portability of the Skinature range. All materials are made from soft fibers produced with airflow technology, including a softer loop, softer airflow bottomsheet and even softer leg cuffs. Remember that 3D embossed top sheet we talked about? It creates ridges that allow air to pass through more space, which reduces contact and irritation to the skin, keeping it cool and fresh!

If you’re a new mom, here’s a tip: Skinature by Drypers’ newborn size features a special cut-out design to protect your newborn’s umbilical cord stump and navel area. The cut-out design reduces the pressure of the diaper rubbing against the stump as the belly button heals and allows for better airflow to keep the belly button area dry. Isn’t that clever?

Want to try it on your little one, mom? You can request free sample packs at if you want to test them!

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Skinature by Drypers is available on,,, and, with selected ranges available in all major supermarkets.

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