Strawberry Leg Treatment

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If you clicked to read this article, either you A) know what “strawberry legs” it’s because you did the research on your own or B) aren’t exactly sure, but from the name, think you have a pretty good idea. Basically, strawberry legs (or strawberry skin) is a skin condition that makes your legs look like strawberries. Think large pores that look like dark seeds and red, stippled skin all over. Strawberry skin is usually the result of congested pores due to hair follicles trapping oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, but dry, flaky skin often makes symptoms even more noticeable.

After a long winter of barely shaving my legs and neglecting to moisturize them, I noticed that my legs were starting to look like…strawberries. And although I love the fruit, I don’t really want to look like one. Knowing that my wedding was coming up in June (and my dress was a vintage ’60s mini dress), I asked Dr. Google to help me get rid of my unsightly strawberry legs fast, and fast.

Along with shaving more regularly to help remove not only hair but also dead skin, I found that what was missing from my body care routine was exfoliation. I exfoliate my facial skin at least once a week to refine my pores and prevent blackheads, but I never really considered doing the same for my legs and arms.

Glytone exfoliating shower gel

Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion

After about an hour of searching I came across a exfoliating body wash and a lotion that promised to magically erase bumps and dry patches while gently cleansing dirty pores and resurfacing skin. Powered by premium glycolic acid at 8.8% free acid, Glytone Exfoliator body wash and lotion cocktail not only gives your pores the ultimate deep clean, it also helps your other lotions penetrate deeper, making them more effective.

After using these two products for a week my legs were starting to look like themselves again and a month later they looked so smooth and even that i chose to forego wearing my pantyhose on my wedding day.

Both of these exfoliating formulas are also great treatments for body acne, including back, butt and breast acne, as they help keep your pores clean and clean while softening stubborn hair follicles that trap acne. bacteria, sebum and dead skin.


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