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CHICAGO (WLS) – Why does the wintry weather in Chicago make your skin look older?

When you think of a freezing winter … you think of cozy fireplaces, steaming hot chocolate and aging skin! Yes, aging skin! Unfortunately, the cold climate is an enemy of your complexion. But … Ulli Haslacher is your skin’s best friend and she knows the winter fix!

Polar and freezing temperatures cause polar aging. And polar aging is a thief. It robs your complexion of 30% of its hydration. And hydrated skin is younger looking skin. The problem is, it’s very difficult to replenish that stolen hydration with typical skin care. Why? Imagine your face with tiny holes and 30% of its moisture constantly leaking out during the winter. Applying typical skin care won’t stop moisture leakage, but Climate-Smart will. It provides a breathable and invisible film that stops polar aging in its tracks.

With Climate-Smart Pour-Moi Skincare, you dress your skin as you dress yourself. You put on your down jacket today … what are you doing for your wintery face? Haslacher offers your winter skin solution at an extraordinary price.

Product: 6-piece Youth Burst Kit: Polar (3-step rotation system: Midwest + Polar Moisture Mask + Roundies)
Special price: $ 99 + free shipping

Retail Value: $ 239
Telephone: 909-243-1456
Website: www.pourmoiskincare.com/Chicago

Offer valid until: 01/31/22

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