Software Brings Accurate Green Screen to Any Windows Webcam

When I examined the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam, I applauded its preloaded Personify Chromacam software, which lets you do a green screen – removing your torso from the background behind you – without a green screen. . Of course, it was difficult, but it worked. Now Chromacam is still a little picky, but you no longer need Logitech’s $ 99 webcam to get it.

The company released a $ 9.99 version of Chromacam that you can purchase separately and use with your current webcam. It is available for download here, with a 30-day free trial before you have to pay the $ 10 license fee. Chromacam currently only works with Windows, although Personify promises that it will work with macOS soon.

AFTER: Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam: full review

I downloaded the trial version and picked up another Logitech camera, the C930e, for corporate users. The new version of the software doesn’t include the Logitech G-inspired backgrounds, but instead added a number of scenic locations, like London and Paris. I found the replacement for the background to be slightly less accurate in my first impressions, but it could be due to positioning or lighting.

In an email, Personify CEO Sanjay Patel wrote that the C922 “has a very good image sensor and fast performance, which will improve ChromaCam’s ability to properly segment the user, especially in low light. But generally, ChromaCam provides the same functionality in all webcams. “

Logitech, however, points out that there are two versions – one specifically for the C922 and one for everyone.

“Although the version of ChromaCam available for any camera has similar functionality, the C922 provides a very high quality image that improves how ChromaCam works,” Andrew Coondrad, Marketing Manager explained to me by email. technical at Logitech. “Because it uses a single image and algorithm (compared to IR or 3D images for depth data), having a clear, high-resolution image improves the way the algorithm separates humans from it. We believe the C922 will provide the best experience with ChromaCam compared to other cameras.

In the meantime, that should give anyone thinking about paying $ 100 for the C922. You can now try the software for free on your existing webcam and see if it works to your satisfaction before you jump in.

We reached out to Logitech to ask if there was a benefit to buying the C922, rather than buying Chromacam and using it with a cheaper camera like Logitech’s $ 60 C920. We will update this message if and when we receive a response.

Update 11/23, 1 p.m. ET: Added a statement from Personify CEO Sanjay Patel.

1:40 p.m. AND: Addition of a statement from Logitech.

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