Skincare Layering: What’s the Right Order?

If you look in your makeup drawer, you might have many skin care columns, toners, SPFs, serums, etc. After all, it’s 2022, everyone is working to keep their skin beautiful. but there is one more argument that has been left out and that is how to follow a good skin care regimen and what is the right order to follow? How should we stack them to increase their benefits?

Why layer

When you’re arranging an outfit, baking a rainbow cake, or implementing a skincare regimen, layering is key. Proper layering can help you get more out of your skincare products. Layering your skincare products the wrong way, such as using the wrong moisturizer with the wrong retinol, can render them useless or worse, inflame your skin. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s all true. So here are some simple tips from Rajesh Grover, founder of Derma Essentia, on how to layer your skin and follow a healthy skincare routine.

STEP 1- Cleaning

Start each morning by splashing your face with lukewarm water or, if needed, washing it with a mild facial cleanser. This is all the more important because in order for the ingredients to be absorbed effectively, the skin must be completely clean and free of oils and dirt.

STEP 2- Toner

Most people are hesitant to use toners because there is a lingering belief that toners are harsh, rough and hurt the skin. On the other hand, today’s (good) toners contain either mild moisturizing ingredients to soothe dry skin or chemical exfoliants that can eliminate pimples and acne. They simply prep your face so the chemicals are more easily absorbed later. If you don’t have any toner, you can skip this step as they should be chosen according to your skin type.

STEP -3 Face serum

Serums are essentially tiny injections of incredibly concentrated nutrients, moisturizers, and antioxidants that immediately improve your skin’s health when applied.

Although completely optional, serums are often a great start to improving your skincare routine and boosting your skin’s health.

STEP – 4 Eye cream

From your twenties, it is essential to use an eye cream twice a day and night. A drop of peas would be enough to keep the eyelid skin thick, healthy and firm.

The early improvement of skin quality in this area ensures that the eyelid skin will not lose its suppleness and smoothness later on.

STEP – 5 Spot treatment

To improve the effectiveness of prescription medications and spot treatments for acne, they should be delivered as close to the skin as possible. Since the active chemicals in acne spot treatments vary, check your product box or consult your doctor for the best way to apply it.

When using it, be sure to use it before your moisturizer so it can really soak into your skin and do its job without being blocked by another barrier. And if you don’t have acne or dark breakouts, there’s no need to use it.

STEP-6 Moisturizing

Use a moisturizer, always, even twice a day. It makes no difference if your skin is oily, breakout-prone, depressed or scared, because it’s the only thing that will maintain your skin barrier, i.e. the unstable thing responsible for keeping your face beautiful, happy and healthy.

STEP-7 Retinol

Retinoids, which include retinol, penetrate your skin to enable faster cell turnover, helping your cells make skin look fresher, softer, and less wrinkled or papery over time. Retinol is mostly applied at night because the skin heals better at night.

The first time you use retinol, you should apply a pea-sized amount all over your face once a week for the first week, then twice a week for the next two weeks, three times per week during the third week and once in two. night after that.

STEP-8 Face Oils

In general, facial oils don’t moisturize your skin well, but when you layer them on top of your current skincare regimen, they can improve it and leave your skin smooth and soft. When using facial oils during the day, they are applied after applying moisturizers. When used at night, they are applied after the entire skin care regimen is finished.

STEP-9 Sunscreen

When it comes to skincare routines, facial oils come last, but applying plenty of sunscreen during the day is the most important and useful thing you can do. When you apply sunscreen, you are not adding it to your skin, you are ultimately protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

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