Skin Wins is the Brooklyn Acne Clinic offering free services to trans people of color

Lily Njoroge, founder of Skin Wins. “Textured skin, even as a licensed professional, is 100% normal,” she says. “It is crucial for me to normalize all skin conditions and not see them as something that always needs to be corrected or revised, in real life and also in pictures.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mougabe Saint Louis

When a beautician born in Kenya Lily njoroge started her skin care blog, Cave of Beauty, in 2015 as a pioneer of #SkinCareTwitter and partnering with big brands like CeraVe was not exactly on its agenda. Cave of Beauty, a name she came up with when she was 8, while her mom was doing her hair, was meant to document her battle with eczema and find products that would soothe her. She has since used her Twitter account to educate her community on products and treatments that really work, especially for colored skin. Today, Njoroge is responsible for the education of the cult skin care brand Topicals. And in July 2020, she opened her own acne clinic in Brooklyn called Skin Wins, where she continues her mission to help people achieve their best skin possible.

The clinic not only specializes in acne, but it is also the first black-owned psychodermatology clinic in the country, treating the skin while considering its link to mental health. “When our mental health suffers, our skin suffers,” says Njoroge. “And the opposite has also been researched and found to be true.” Next month, Njoroge will integrate his father, a psychiatrist, to work in the Skin Wins office. “I’m very committed to treating people holistically and focusing on every aspect of their health that could impact their skin,” she says. “No matter what kind of prescription our patients need for their mental health, they will be able to access Skin Wins, in addition to having their skin treated. “

Bryce Anthony, esthetician at Skin Wins. “What I’m most proud of about Skin Wins is the fact that we are able to offer free treatments to trans people,” he says. “As a black gay man working in a predominantly white female industry, being able to provide these services to another marginalized group means the world to me!” “

Photo: Courtesy of Mougabe Saint Louis

Regarding skin treatments, Skin Wins offers hydrafacial care, dermaplaning, microneedling and chemical peels. But, Njoroge notes, they won’t have facial vapor. “The steam causes inflammation due to the heat and its dehydrating impact on the skin,” explains Njoroge. “While the brief contact during a facial treatment will not cause long-term damage, our philosophy is to only perform treatments that are completely beneficial to the skin from start to finish. “

But perhaps most inspiring is that Skin Wins provides its services for free to all transgender people of color with the help of a Topicals sponsorship and in-house esthetician Bryce Anthony. “I really started this because I know a lot of trans people go on hormone replacement therapy, which ultimately impacts your skin,” Njoroge said. “It was really important for me to make sure that while trans people go through these changes, they are also assertive in the midst of these changes and are not left on their own to deal with skin issues, and are not being left on their own to deal with skin issues. not made aware or dismissed. On top of that, trans people of color face race-related trauma on a daily basis, and I want them to be able to come somewhere they feel seen and understood.

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