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welcome to i swear by this, a series of interviews where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use until the last drop. This week we asked the Chris Black, writer, consultant and podcast co-host Since when, to share all the products that have earned a place in its personal care line.

Chris Black knows what he’s talking about. It delivers its hot shots with an ease that can only come from a place of waterproof trust and information if you know it. He went from leading the pop-punk band Cartel to consulting for brands like Thom Browne and Stüssy, but you probably already knew that. To the devotees of his pandemic project turned long-term podcast Since when, he is an arbiter and an iconoclast with a firm stance on everything. So what does he know about skin care? A lot, apparently.

In an essay for Ssense, Black diagnosed himself as “brand sensitive,” a term he used to describe his affinity for luxury items. “I can’t just buy a pair of white sneakers, have a salad or book a flight,” he wrote, “I only want the best.”

For Black, the value of a product can be reduced to a sentiment. Concrete example ? Its Aēsop deodorant. “It costs $ 40, but feels good to buy,” he explains in our Google Meet conversation. “The experience is good. I love the way it smells and I love the way it makes me feel. So I will do it myself. We have to go beyond the product and talk about how we feel, which is important. Below, he details his multisensory approach to skin care and shares the eight products he never tires of.

I’m going to set the scene: I’m going home with a guy, I’m going to his bathroom. I look in his medicine cabinet, see this item and leave immediately. What product in a man’s bathroom should warrant such a response?

“Ax Body Spray, no doubt. Any sort of crappy drugstore deodorant that smells like a 24-hour fitness locker room. Men are much more informed. [on skin care] they never have been, but even when you’re in an expensive gym you see guys using it. For example, you pay $ 300 a month to go to the gym, but your deodorant costs $ 5 and smells like feet. What are we doing here? ”

Are you aware of the packaging? If a product looks amazing, but the packaging is so poor that it stains your nightstand, would you choose efficiency over aesthetics?

“It probably says a lot about my psyche as a person, but it doesn’t happen to me. In fact, this is not true. One of the items I’ve been using since high school is called Queen Helene’s. It’s a green clay mask you get from CVS for around $ 4 but it’s ugly as shit so it stays in a different cabinet. It is not beside all the good products that are displayed. It’s a bit hidden.

Is the skin care routine a time to do stunts?

“I think a skin care routine is really what works for you. If something from the drugstore works for you, then that’s great. Skin is something that is so deeply about trust. So if you’re feeling good and looking good, that’s a lot more important than saying, “This is all $ 200 versus $ 5.” It’s like a Cetaphil bottle. Like, it really works for me, and it’s $ 5 and I feel good. And that’s the most important thing in general self-care.

Buffing bar

“I love the way it makes my skin feel and I love the color blue. They just sent me this soap dish and it’s so cool because it keeps the soap clean and protected from water when you use it. don’t use it Exfoliating the body isn’t necessarily something I thought about a lot, so now I’m really enjoying it.

Soft services

Parsley seed eye cream

“I have been using it for years. Eye cream is something that all men should use because this is where you start to look old. I have gray hair and a beard and everything is fine. But you can’t be crow’s feet, that’s when you screwed up.

“For the eye cream I was using La Mer because my old studio mate did a project with them and I ended up with three or four jars, but it was just too heavy. I didn’t like the feel, but AÄ“sop eye cream is really nice and wearable. It’s still in stock and I love that it feels really clean. I have been using it for a long time and am pretty loyal when it comes to things like this.


Hinoki Bar

“My friends Allison and Jay started [Wonder Valley] in the tree of Joshua. They have great body oil, they have great olive oil and face oil but the Hinoki Bar smells amazing. I run bar soaps but this is the one I use a lot lately.

Valley of Wonders

Muschio Shampoo-Shower Gel

“I shave my head, which is a pandemic, I’ve never done it before. But I still shampoo my scalp because it feels good and smells good. It’s a shampoo and shower gel but I only use it on the head. The smell is like a rich Italian on vacation smoking a cigarette, which is really nice. Santa Maria Novella has been around for about 500 years, but for me all they touch is goals. I also like the experience of the store, especially the original location in Italy.

Santa Maria Novella


“As I’m outside a lot in the summer, I put a little on my head beforehand to moisturize my scalp so that I don’t get really sunburned. I like the way it smells. It’s a cute little treat, it’s easy.

Crown case

Vetiver Hand Cream

“Byredo is as good as it suits me. The stores are so beautiful, the packaging is so beautiful. It’s a great experience, where you walk in, spend $ 300, and you don’t even realize you made it. It is very powerful. It’s a very powerful brand.


Exfoliating Snow Scrub

“A girl I know, Claire, did all the design direction for this brand. So they sent me products, and I really appreciate this exfoliant. I like the packaging to be super clean.

Isla Beauty

The Rich Cream

“If it’s good enough for burns, it’s good enough for me.” It’s expensive, but some things can’t really be rated. Also, I don’t use it a lot. My girlfriend buys it, so it’s all over the house. Basically when she’s not around I use her so I don’t get slapped in the face.

“It’s an interesting product because it has become the stuff of hot chicks. They sell it at The Row; it’s like, one. Every two or three years there is a product like that. I don’t even know if it’s celebrity driven because, with everything getting this big and popular as this, it’s just because it’s good and it works.

“Skin care and beauty are so personal. You can’t just have great packaging and marketing. It really has to work and there has to be an element of word of mouth. This criterion does not exist in the other categories.

Augustin Bader

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