Shani Darden’s Sculpting Facial Wand Firms Skin Instantly

Shani Darden is nothing short of a skincare magician. She is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand estheticians, and her skin-transforming products consistently top the “best beauties” lists. Now she has a new wand that brings her magic to our bathrooms.

The Facial Sculpting Wand ($ 399) is the first device in Darden’s eponymous skincare line and gives you a taste of her home office experience. It harnesses the same skin-firming “ultrasonic” technology that it has used in her celebrity facials for years (Chrissy Teigan and Jessica Alba are fans), using gentle vibrations to transmit acoustic sound waves. in the skin. This, says Darden, works to stimulate the facial muscles responsible for crow’s feet, frown lines, and parentheses. With continued use, the wand softens these muscles and, in turn, creates a smoother, less furrowed skin surface.

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If you are familiar with microcurrent devices (NuFace, for example), the concept of vibrational therapy may sound familiar. The difference between the wand’s acoustic sound waves and your standard microcurrent technology, however, is in the depth and direction of their energy transmission. Unlike microcurrent, which travels horizontally and stays close to the skin’s surface, acoustic sound waves go Deep (up to 2.4 inches below the skin’s surface, Darden says) and move vertically. Because of this, they are able to work their way into the deep muscles, giving you firmer, more lifted-looking skin and a non-invasive option for discoloration and furrow prevention.

While it may take a while to see real results in your skin’s smoothness (around seven weeks of continuous use, according to clinical studies), increased circulation and blood flow delivers a megawatt glow in a matter of minutes. only minutes. Magical indeed.

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