SaaS integrated supply chain solutions for an omnichannel world

As the e-commerce and retail industry grows with multiple online shopping models, the supply chain has become an increasingly complex process and businesses rely heavily on technology to optimize their operations. One of India’s leading providers of retail-focused supply chain SaaS solutions, Unicommerce enables retail businesses, D2C brands and House of Brand companies to streamline their supply chain operations and to improve the post-purchase experience for users.

Beginning its journey in 2012, Unicommerce’s offerings are comprehensive and cater to the unresolved needs of traditional and online retail players in India and abroad.

Rapid D2C deployments require robust supply chain technology

The D2C phenomenon has gained momentum over the past couple of years as companies aggressively invest in cost-effective SaaS solutions that deliver great experiences to their consumers. Unicommerce works with major D2C brands such as Beardo, Mamaearth, The WholeTruth, mCaffeine, Plum, Nua and many more.

Said Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce As consumers become more tech-savvy, brands are moving towards operational excellence because they understand it will act as a catalyst for their growth. Our growth over the past two years, particularly in the D2C segment, is a testament to the fact that brands are now focusing on improving the post-purchase experience through the power of technology.”

Unicommerce has helped many brands to evolve their products thanks to the power of its technology. One of India’s leading D2C brands, Honasa Consumer, the parent company of personal care brands, MamaEarth, The Derma Co and Aqualogica, has partnered with Unicommerce to rapidly streamline its supply chain without impacting its operations commercial. After deploying Unicommerce solutions, the company saw a steep drop in returns of 300%, as well as order growth of 144% in a short 8-month period.

Buy, not build: SaaS solutions are big winners over on-premises solutions

Businesses have realized that building and maintaining on-premises technology is a daunting challenge as it requires regular upgrading and significant infrastructure costs. This gives Unicommerce an advantage as the company works on a subscription and user fee model and provides greater flexibility for businesses to easily scale up or down operations based on fluctuations in demand.

Unicommerce has built an industry agnostic solution with its robust integration network and caters to the supply chain complexities of various industries. This makes it a perfect choice for emerging House-of-Brand companies from India. These companies are aggressively acquiring brands in multiple categories and automating supply chain processes to expand those brands across the country. Unicommerce has already partnered with some of the leading House-of-Brand companies such as Mensa brands and allows them to manage their diverse product portfolio on one platform.

Riding the Omnichannel Growth Wave

Many large retail companies are now focusing on building an omnichannel presence and deploying technology solutions that allow them to integrate all of their offline and online sales channels into a single platform. This will allow the brand to have centralized inventory visibility and speed up order fulfillment, which will result in faster delivery and improved customer experience,

Unicommerce’s omnichannel solution is used by various retail companies in India, including TCNS, House of Anita Dongre, Iconic and Chumbak. Chumbak has partnered with Unicommerce for multi-channel management and seamless integration with the brand’s existing custom ERP system, Microsoft AX. The Unicommerce solution allows the brand to manage more than 13 sales channels with the easy sending of more than 64,000 orders per month. The company is now able to fulfill its orders from one of more than 58 retail stores and a warehouse.

With the steady growth of e-commerce, an increasing number of D2C brands, and the emphasis on customer-centric omnichannel engagement by retail companies, the demand for SaaS solutions that are technologically robust, cost-effective and widely accepted by Leading companies like Unicommerce should see rapid growth in India.

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