Reverse Aging: Study Shows How You Can Be 3 Years ‘Younger’ In Just 8 Weeks!

PORTLAND, Oregon – Can Your Body Really Be Biologically Younger Without Using Drugs In Less Than Two Months? It may sound like an ad for an anti-aging cream, but a new study finds that people can actually reverse the aging process by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

In a groundbreaking clinical trial, scientists found that by balancing DNA methylation, participants reduced their biological age by more than three years in just eight weeks. Researchers say aging is the primary driver of chronic disease. Therefore, going back in time in a person’s DNA can help them stay healthier and live longer.

Basically, DNA methylation is the process that turns off the gene. The authors of the study explain that methylation is the model of damage accumulation leading to an increasing loss of cell function. This damage comes from the stress and strain of aging and disease.

What lifestyle changes can reverse the aging process?

For eight weeks, researchers monitored the results of a treatment program focused on diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation counseling, and additional probiotics and phytonutrients. The randomized controlled clinical trial involved 43 healthy men between the ages of 50 and 72. The results show that engaging in these lifestyle changes produced “statistically significant” reductions in biological aging of cells.

“The combined intervention program was designed to target a specific biological mechanism called DNA methylation, and in particular DNA methylation patterns that have been identified as highly predictive of biological age,” says Kara. Fitzgerald, responsible for the study in a Press release.

“We suspect this focus was the reason for its remarkable impact. These early results appear to be consistent with the very few existing studies that have so far examined the potential for biological age reversal, and extend them considerably. And it is unique in its use of a safe, non-pharmaceutical diet and lifestyle program, a control group, and the extent of age reduction. We are currently recruiting participants for a larger study which we hope will corroborate these results. “

McGill University Senior Epigeneticist Moshe Szyf PhD adds this natural approach to aging the body that specifically targets the methylation process in the human body. Szyf notes that the results may lead to additional therapies that target the body’s genetic makeup, without resorting to drugs.

“What’s extremely exciting is that dietary and lifestyle practices, including specific nutrients and dietary compounds known to selectively alter DNA methylation, are able to have such an impact on people. DNA methylation models that we know to predict aging and age-related disease, ”Dr. Fitzgerald concludes.

“I believe this, coupled with new possibilities for all of us to measure and track our DNA methylation age, will provide significant new opportunities for scientists and consumers.”

The study appears in the journal Aging.

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