Ready-made gift ideas inside the LA Weekly Vacation Care Package

Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve worked with some of our favorite unique brands to bring you the best ready-made gift ideas. inside a box with our annual THE Weekly Vacation care package. From delicious treats to personal grooming necessities and even holiday spirits and cannabis-related gifts, our grooming package packs the joy of the season in a lovely package decorated with the help of our favorite local lawyer, Sweet James. Not only does this Holiday Care package have jams, it can help you get outside jam with practical vacation tips from Sweet James himself!

It’s so hard for adults to remember to take time for ourselves to enjoy the season and reflect both on our wins from last year as well as our goals for the next. We feel the fog just as much as you do, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to create a care package with ready-made gift ideas that are perfect for yourself. Whether your personal care treat is something sweet, something strong, or something self-care, we have something for everyone in the THE Weekly Vacation care package.

We gifted the box to some of our favorite local names, celebrities and heroes. You might see us sharing their stories and posts on Instagram in the coming days, as they not only help spread the holiday cheer, but also spotlight some well-deserved brands that aren’t big names. like Amazon or Target, but rather a small company that works tirelessly to provide happiness to its customers and their staff.

Ready to take a look at what we’ve included in our care pack full of ready-made gift ideas? Take a look below!

Skinny drenched

A business founded by a mother and daughter, SkinnyDipped was born out of an urge for the two to spend more time together – and what better way to do that than to start a business together ?! From its kitchen table back then to its manufacturing facility today, SkinnyDipped is committed to preparing and creating high quality snacks and treats using only the finest ingredients. Their mission? To leave the world a happier and healthier place. Owned by women and supporting women, this is a company that gives back to its community and works diligently to raise the mothers and children in their care. Not to mention their snacks are amazing and we very much hope our partner reads this and puts a few packets of coated almonds (of all varieties) in our stocking. | @ skinny drenched


Toastty is a small, black, woman-owned business that offers premium herbal health and beauty products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Toastty aims to encourage people to stand tall and strong, by making products that allow them to be their best. Using the power of Mother Nature’s Wonder Elixir – CBD – Toastty offers a bespoke product line that focuses on relaxation, confidence, and the embrace of the goddess within. Toastyy’s CBD beauty products are designed for women and aim to guide you to your most authentic self. As they say, when you feel good, you are beautiful!

Ready-to-use gift ideas | @gettingtoastyy

Beach whiskey

Beach Whiskey is an American made whiskey that was designed for sun worshipers, moon hunters, and pleasure seekers. This reinvented whiskey is made in two flavors: Island Coconut and Bonfire Cinnamon. With rock-solid mixing ability, Beach Whiskey is perfect for recreating your favorite classic cocktails or inventing new sips that chill and shiver. How is Beach Whiskey different? They bypass the traditional barrel aging process to produce batches of pure, clean whiskey. They then use a unique filtration process to give us the end product: a whiskey with a distinctly smooth, round mouthfeel that has more drinkable drinkability than their harsher tasting competitors. | @beachwhiskey

Splat hair dye

Splat Hair Dye is a vegan, cruelty-free hair product that is one of our favorites for adding color to our lives (both temporarily and permanently). Because we’re undecided, our favorite Splat product with its hair chalk, an evanescent hair dye that glides on quickly and washes out easily. Soft in color when applied dry, it is our favorite to let go of its flights without committing. It’s also useful for trying out a change to gauge your preference before taking the plunge!

Splat’s goal is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and high-quality semi-permanent hair dye experience, allowing them to personally choose with their full line of bold hair dye products ranging from : temporary (1 wash), 10 wash and semi-permanent hair color. | @splathairdye


Winner of Leafly’s two coveted Cannabis Awards – Edible Brand of the Year and Best Company Overall – Binske is known for its quality cannabis. And they deserve this positive reputation because they have the products, results, and consumer satisfaction to back it up. Binske’s farm-to-table products are made with premium ingredients, choosing the best from around the world. This golden star cannabis brand embraces true local culture, while sourcing the finest raw ingredients. Cannabis aside, they also have some of the most eye-catching and artistic labels we’ve ever seen. | @binske

Kitchen stone wall

Who among us doesn’t like a good jam? Anybody. And for those who claim otherwise, they just haven’t tried the best jam yet: Stonewall Kitchen Jam.

This jam is so tasty and unique, not only does Stonewall Kitchen have 63 bespoke varieties, it also has special holiday packs (like the one pictured below). We know it’s good when the brand already knows how to wrap them under the tree to meet the holiday demand! This is one of our favorite ready-made gift ideas, because it’s not something you think of immediately, but something that will always be appreciated.

ready-to-use gift ideas - jam | @stonewallkitchen

Our / Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles is a Los Angeles vodka for Los Angeles, in honor of all the moments we have shared as a community. It’s the ready-made local gift idea for those who live / love this city… and alcohol. Each batch of Our / Los Angeles Vodka is carefully crafted, meticulously meeting the highest standards set not only by state and industry, but by themselves as perfectionists and dreamers. Born in their DTLA micro-distiller, each bottle of Our / Los Angeles is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients, delivering one of the smoothest finishes we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. | @ourlosangeles

Sweet James

And a special thank you to Sweet James for making our gift box possible this year!

“Sweet” James Bergener is nationally recognized as one of America’s top personal injury lawyers. Often seen on television, heard on the radio and read in publications, Sweet James’ expertise in personal injury and wrongful death cases has made him a much sought-after legal analyst, sought after for expert advice and help. He and his team of the best and brightest minds the country’s legal community has to offer are dedicated to a lifetime of service, from your first free consultation until the moment you win your case and receive justice. Operating in California, Nevada and Arizona, this team of legal heroes are just a phone call away: (800) 500-5200. | @sweetjameslaw

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