Pili Ani Overnight Recovery Oil Saved My Skin From Post Laser Treatment

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This year has been experimental for me, especially in the field of the skin. I’ve had a lot of firsts including laser skin resurfacing which has done wonders for my skin in terms of improving texture and skin tone. However, as much of the treatment itself was a whole new experience, so were its consequences. For about a week after my appointment, my usually oily skin became so dry that I couldn’t recognize it. It was extremely tight and even uncomfortable. My usual creams and potions didn’t do anything to improve it, so I became a little Goldilocks Beauty and played “product roulette”, hoping to find the antidote.

A few new moisturizers and serums I’ve tried have worked really well (shout out Saint Jane Beauty Hydrating Petal Cream and Skinmedica TNS Advanced + Serum), but the most recent laser treatment I’ve had resulted in the dryness case on the more serious where I ended up bursting. (Rude!) I knew I had to take out the big guns. It was then that I turned to Pili Ani Self Care Night Recovery Oil.


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Pili Ani is a Filipino skin care brand that I have fallen in love with since I met them years ago at Indie Beauty Expo. Its flagship ingredients, pili and elemi oils, come from pili, native to the Bicol region of the Philippines. Both oils have their own incredible benefits for the skin: pili oil is rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants, and is even more hydrating than argan oil, and elemi oil is naturally firming.

The philosophy and the ingredients of the brand are personal to me, as my mom is from Bicol and told me stories about consuming pili nuts growing up. While pili and elemi oils are found in most of Pili Ani’s products, Self Care Overnight Recovery Oil has even more help in the hydration department, which is exactly what j need. It also contains the delicious-smelling sampaguita, known as Philippine Jasmine and great for evening tone and texture, and the buzzing ingredient squalane, which helps retain moisture and is anti-inflammatory. .

As I mentioned, my regular moisturizers and serums weren’t cutting it – they pretty much disappeared into my skin like they had never been there in the first place. So I started to apply a few drops of the oil on my face and massage it into my skin every night. The smell is incredible; it reminds me of being in a spa and is super light. The tightness in my skin almost disappeared (I felt this change instantly). I would usually let the oil soak into my skin for about a minute before adding my moisturizer on top of it, but sometimes the oil was fine as is without the extra cream. My saviour! I noticed my downtime was much shorter than before which was a relief. I REALLY can’t stand having that tight feeling in my skin, however, I will say the laser is totally worth it!

After applying it, I usually rub the excess on my nails (which is good news for my nail artist as my cuticles are messy). If you have naturally dry skin, or just need a little extra help, whether it’s the cold season or you have post-treatment skin issues, I can’t recommend this oil highly enough. My only regret is that I didn’t use it sooner!

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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