Newsmakers: Sen. John Hoffman talks about raising pay for healthcare providers

10:00 AM | Sunday, May 1, 2022

Part of the Senate’s omnibus bill for health and human services includes legislation drafted by Sen. John Hoffman (DFL-Chammplin) regarding rates for care providers for the disabled and the elderly. See SF 4410.

Hoffman says when you look at home and community services like nursing homes or group homes or even home health and personal care workers, there are plenty of vacancies in the state. Hoffman says the reimbursement rate is incredibly low, especially compared to current wages at fast food restaurants.

Senator John Hoffman (DFL-Chamlin)

“The only way to make money is for the state to put more money in the bucket or for medical service centers to put money in it,” Hoffman said.

Provisions of the omnibus bill include efforts to raise wages, provide incentives or lower barriers to entry in areas such as health care, child care and elder care.

“The people doing this work are the people who are passionate about it,” Hoffman said. “How can we provide services and supports for people at home, knowing that it also makes sense and makes sense because people are living longer and can be close to the homes they love.”

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