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“We are really at a time when people don’t feel good and recognize where they would like to feel better,” said Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, the skin care and wellness brand based in Los Angeles. “People are starting to look for beauty in a more holistic way. By holistic I mean thinking about all the parts and how they relate to each other.

The increased awareness is in part due to the stress of the pandemic, environmental toxins and information overload. “So as a species we are under great pressure,” said Chantal Bacon.

She noted that the focus on well-being has seen a general and sustained increase.

Meanwhile, there has been no strategic change at Moon Juice during the health crisis. “It’s like we were made for this moment,” Chantal Bacon said. “Heart of the brand, the message has always been focused on intelligent self-care. “

It all started when she used stress management to put an autoimmune disease into remission. Looking ahead, the entrepreneur is excited to expand the conversation she has with Moon Juice consumers to a larger group of people, in the United States and internationally.

The brand is new to Canada and is selling its skincare products in Australia, where it will soon be selling ingestible products as well. “We are moving to the Middle East and will be in the UK soon,” said Chantal Bacon. “I’m really interested in having the conversation in a larger part of Asia. “

In terms of products and categories, Chantal Bacon also sees a lot of room for growth. “I think brain health is incredibly important,” she said. “This is something I think no one has spoken to women directly [about] Again. There are big brain-hacking and bio-hacking companies out there, and they’re usually very masculine spaces. “

Along with Chantal Bacon’s commitments to quality, innovation and supply, she focuses on education, moving towards more in-depth masterclass-type seminars, for example. “This is where I would really love to spend the next few years,” she said.

Chantal Bacon has always followed the rhythm of her own drummer. “Moon Juice as a brand has really worked backwards,” she said, referring to the fact that initially their products couldn’t be sold outside of the brand’s store and had a shelf life. 24 hours.

The brand has gradually established itself in the general public, with a wider distribution of its wellness and skin care products, which are sold at Sephora. “It actually worked in our favor,” she said, of the passion-driven approach, which started with an original product like Sex Dust.

Fifty percent of Moon Juice’s customers have a subscription to the brand, which allows them to track their journey related to the product and how they build a routine inside out or on the outside of the inside.

Chantal Bacon has noticed a lot more curiosity about personal care these days. “There is this understanding, especially with women, that self-care leads to greater acts outside of yourself,” she said. “Everyone understands the concept: you put on the oxygen mask first before you can help someone. [else]. I see this practical embrace a lot more.

Understanding one’s own holistic biological system naturally extends to protecting the environment. “The well-being space must play there,” said Chantal Bacon. “If you take care of your body, you should think of your surroundings in the same way. Wellness is a pretty powerful place.

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