Minority-Owned Beauty Brand GRW for Hair Announces Exclusive Pre-Launch Partnership with BoxyCharm

GRW for Hair is part of a minority-owned incubator program that prioritizes successful black ownership and innovative partnerships in diversity development.

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY, 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – GRW for Hair is the new inclusive herbal hair care brand formulated for all hair types and textures. GRW is a proud partner of Black Progress Matters, the organization that enables the development of a successful black property.

“I’ve struggled with my hair my whole life; I’m biracial and have a unique blend of my mom’s hair and my dad’s hair. I’ve never been able to find products that are vibrant enough to work for me. This inspired me to create GRW, a flexible collection of ultra-nourishing, far-reaching hair care essentials that can be used for all hair types and textures, “- Gabrielle Dovey, Creator, GRW for Hair, RN BSN, RN.

The best beauty secrets are those found among friends. At GRW, beauty formulations are drawn from the imaginations of best friends and beauty connoisseurs, Gabrielle Dovey and Lexi Anczok. GRW is their secret to keeping their hair young, strong, healthy, fun and fresh. Their assortment of GRW for Hair opening products includes Ultra VIP Day + Night hair oil, The All Hair + Scalp Mask, and Beauty Boost hair supplements.

BoxyCharm presents GRW’s Ultra VIP Hair Oil and Beauty Boost hair supplements in their exclusive Boutique Room for a pre-launch exclusive for BoxyCharm members only. The complete collection of GRW is planned for a October 2021 launch.

About Black Progress Matters
GRW for Hair is a proud partner of Black progress matters and received seed funding from the Black Progress Matters Minority Business Incubator program. Black Progress Matters main mission is to change the face of leadership in organizations around the world through its various minority staffing activities. BPM is built on the principle that if BPM can guarantee the opportunity to fill a leadership position for an organization with the best candidate [who is a person of color], BPM will begin to change the color of the executive suite while improving everyone’s aspiration of color within the organization.

BPM also offers executive-level internships for students from historically black colleges and other minority sources, minority business representation, and an ambitious incubator program for minority-owned startup development and funding. Developing successful black ownership is a critical part of BPM’s core mission of changing the color of executive suite and ownership in organizations around the world.

About BoxyCharm
BoxyCharm makes the best beauty more accessible by offering makeup, skin care and personal care in their monthly boxes and eComm stores at an incredible price. They are committed to building a community of diverse, dedicated and beauty-loving charmers, whom they surprise and delight every month.

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