Maksun Biotech launches new division ‘Vezin Pharma’

Pharmaceutical company Maksun Biotech Private Limited, known for honing its entrepreneurial skills in the field with its indigenous PCD pharmaceutical franchise offering, is set to launch its new “Vezin Pharma” division for ethical medicines which will include more than 200 products in its range. .

The new division will add to its already established 8 divisions of other pharmaceuticals and skin care divisions. With its new division, the new firm plans to help at least 200 new entrepreneurs shape their future.

According to company sources, the new division’s products will be available nationwide. This will not only help consumers to get quality products in all regions and districts of India but also help new entrepreneurs who want to join the company to become its authorized franchisees. These entrepreneurs will benefit from a wide range of 200 products as well as marketing and other support. The company is engaged in the marketing and sales of almost all essential medicines, including cardiac, diabetic, pediatric, ophthalmic, gynecological, dermatological and critical care medicines.

Maksun Biotech Private Limited, an ISO certified pharmaceutical marketing and sales organization, is the brainchild of Mr. Ruchir Kumar Arora, Dr. Himanshu Arora and Sh. Darshan Lal Arora. The three founders had started the company with the unanimity of not only creating a business that serves Indian consumers in need of quality medicines, but also helping many others develop and use their entrepreneurial skills and build a solid empire from bottom to top. The company markets and sells 700 medicinal, cosmetic and skin care products. It already sells under 8 other brands, including Blair Remedies, Gynaemak, Denblue, Chinvas Dental Care, Adrif Vision, Shinom Cosmeceuticals, Rehan Care and Kenriz Care. With the entry of Vezin Pharma, the company will have more than 900 products under its umbrella.

The company has helped over 1000 associates to launch and grow their business to PAN India level using the company’s comprehensive support to grow the franchisee from scratch. It also adopts the district-level monopoly policy, which means that there can be only one franchisee in each district with ample room for growth. The company which was established in 2013 not only helps new businesses grow with maximum initial support with minimum loss possible, but also offers the widest possible medical range. Apart from this, it has already launched a range of quality, effective and efficient skin care and cosmetics under the Kaashmi Derm O Cos brand with a variety of products in different segments like face, body, hair, etc It is successfully listed and sold on all top eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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