Lori Harvey’s new skin care line tested by Michael B. Jordan

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Michael B. Jordan looks good, well, still. But, if his skin has been a little more glowing lately, it’s because his girlfriend Lori Harvey makes her follow a complete skincare routine!

In a new episode of Vogueof Beauty secrets, which was released on Wednesday May 5, the 24-year-old model revealed that she is working hard to develop her new skincare line – and to have Jordan take all the products for a try.

While applying her “day serum” which is packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, she casually falls into the fact that the product has Jordan’s seal of approval.

“I test all my products, of course, on myself. But, I also test them on my boyfriend. He became my live test model, ”she says in the 15-minute clip.

Looks like her new routine is working pretty well, because according to Harvey, her good skin days don’t go unnoticed. “Now he’s very into his skin care routine. He tells me all the time that when he’s on set, makeup artists complete his skin now, so you know, ”she said, giving herself a figurative pat on the back.

Jordan, who Harvey started dating in January 2021, isn’t the only man to overhaul his beauty routine. Harvey also had his way with his father Steve harveypoor skin care routine.

Lori Harvey's New Skin Care Line Has Michael B. Jordan's Stamp of Approval
Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. Courtesy of Michael B. Jordan / Instagram

“[I’ve] pretty much got every man in my life on a skin care regimen – my dad included. He didn’t do anything, so I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll help you out here. “So I gave him all of my products and he’s obsessed,” she told the outlet. “And if you’re wondering why her skin has been so beautiful lately, it’s because of me.”

While Harvey is talented enough to revamp the skincare routines of men in need, she hasn’t always been the skincare guru that she is today.

“I’ve always been really obsessed with super hydrated and glowing skin. When I was younger I didn’t really know what to do or how to achieve it, ”she says in the Vogue video. “So when I was little I would wash my face with a warm washcloth every morning, then lather myself in petroleum jelly and just let it sit… I felt like I was letting it seep in. in my skin and really hydrate and hydrate me. “

Now his logic was not completely wrong. The technique, called slugging, can actually help certain skin types boost their radiance. But not everyone can tolerate the spray of petroleum jelly on their face.

“Looking back, all I did was plug my pores, which caused me to have really bad acne in my teenage years and teenage years. So as I got older it really got me obsessed with skin care, ”she said.

Her obsession inevitably led to the development of her own skincare line, which “will be released very soon”.

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