Lori Harvey promotes SKN by LH

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Lori Harvey takes her love for skin care to the next level with her latest business venture. The model and socialite took to Instagram to give viewers a preview of the products in her new line, “SKN by LH”.

In her photo, Lori posed in a beige scoop-neck bikini top that showcased her killer abs and a high-waisted bikini bottom that accentuated her curves.

@sknbylh coming soon…“, she captioned her photo.

While details on the budding beauty brand are limited, I can’t wait to see what the line will include. Judging from this photo, I’m guessing she’s selling a body lotion that will magically build up abs after rubbing it on your stomach. Its chiseled midsection could sell for just about any product.

The world of beauty is a great path for Lori to join. In a video for Vogue Magazine, she gave insight into the beauty secrets that keep her skin so perfect. “Skin care is definitely one of the highest forms of personal care,” she shared with the post.

Her smooth, fair skin is proof that she takes her personal care seriously. There has been a lot of buzz around what exactly Lori Harvey is doing. Some think that she is just a pretty face, but she proves that there is a strong spirit and a lot of turmoil behind her dewy skin and perfectly shaped baby hairs. What do you think? Would you like to know more about SKN by LH?


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