L’Oréal files a patent for the self-bubbling peel-off cleansing mask

the US patent​ said the product is a cleansing mask that self-bubbles without lathering and forms a film so it can be peeled off the skin in one piece.

The mask will be good at depositing skincare actives and self-foaming can be achieved without perfluorinated compounds, which have several health and environmental concerns.

Low Water Skin Care

According to the patent, the masks are generally considered to be very effective in taking care of keratin materials like skin and hair, but they require water to remove them. The goal of the patent was to create a cleansing mask that doesn’t require water.

“It is an object of this disclosure to create a cleansing mask product that not only provides deep cleansing properties but also helps to limit water consumption”,says the patent. “In view of the above remarks, it would be interesting to propose a mask composition for cleansing the skin using less water than a traditional cleansing mask.

Unlike most cleansers and masks, by creating a film, the new patented mask can theoretically be peeled off in one piece.

Broad spectrum of potential assets

The mask formulation requires polyvinyl alcohol, one or more sugar alcohols, at least one surfactant, one or more hydrophobically modified polymers and at least one silicone oil, which causes the self-bubbling effect, according to the patent.

The bubbling effect is likely caused by the rapid evaporation of volatile silicone oils when removed from a bulk formula and applied to the skin. Bubbles can form quickly, possibly within seconds, according to the patent.

Besides a cleanser, the patent says the mask could contain a wide range of water-soluble actives, including hyaluronic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C, retinol, vitamins and proteins, among others, according to the patent.

“This invention has utility as a deep cleanser for the skin and/or for depositing water-soluble actives on the skin when left on the skin for at least 5 and up to 15 minutes, so that traditional rinse-off cleansers only come into contact with the skin for less than a minute and then are rinsed off with water,”says the patent.

The ingredients in the mask could potentially be hydrating, brightening, anti-acne, or anti-aging, among other skincare goals. Actives, fragrances, and preservatives are possible optional ingredients in a self-bubbling mask, but the patent notes that the list is not exhaustive.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Document ID United States 20220062118 A1

Posted on: March 3, 2022. Filed on: August 25, 2020


Inventor: L’Oréal – Stephanie Anne Ventura Morris and Ryuji Hara

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