London Calling: an interview with Richard Walker from Dr Botanicals

Being an LGBTQ property shapes Dr Botanicals’ approach to product development and how he uses resources to make the world a better place, says founder Richard Walker.

I think no matter the business 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. Sadly, we have seen so many large businesses shut down and we can only thank our customers, old and new, for supporting us during this prolonged and difficult time. As a digitally driven brand, we seized the growth opportunity fueled by the growing demand for a first-class online consumer experience.

Our launch and partnership with Walgreens is a major milestone in our mission to grow and compete as a global brand. Walgreens is an iconic household name which is also our focus for Dr Botanicals. Expect to see new skin care products exclusive to Walgreens in the coming months.

Dr Botanicals makes purely vegan and natural formulations with sustainable packaging. This is what “clean” means to us, but more than that, we want our customers to have complete confidence in our brand. When parents are shopping for their families, we aim for a level of confidence that means they don’t even have to check the ingredients and worry about whether their kids can use our products or not. Basically, Dr. Botanicals creates products that cover all ages, genders, and skin types because everyone needs effective skin care. Clean beauty is about being socially responsible, so we are always looking for opportunities to donate to worthy causes and reduce our carbon footprint.

This is a bold feat for any business and one that we take very seriously. We continually review, improve and evolve our formulations and packaging to get closer to one step carbon and fully sustainable. We believe that doing a little every day will lead to our goal and a stronger environment.

Absolutely. It shapes our approach to product development as well as how we choose to use our resources to improve the world we live in. Being able to donate to LGBTQIA + communities is a driving force for our business. For Pride Season, we’re launching a limited edition version of our Lemon Superfood All-in-one Rescue Butter (above) to advocate for these communities and raise awareness among charities fighting for equality that we don’t have. always not. We aim to raise $ 100,000 for charities that make a difference in the lives of people in the LGBTQIA + community.

“Don’t do it alone! So many entrepreneurs are trying to change the world on their own. No matter how noble that intention may be, everyone needs help and expertise that comes from elsewhere. Whether it’s as part of a team, a mentor, or an outside business, there is so much value in partnering with like-minded people to help build a truly successful business and product. Concrete example; our sister company SRG Brands uses 10 years of industry experience to help new brands enter new markets. Partnerships allow stronger and more consistent business growth. ” – Richard Walker

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