Jyotsna Reddy launches Glamhour, a skincare-inspired beauty brand

Gone are the days when makeup addicts were happy to use foundations because they risked clogging their pores. Thanks to serum foundations that have helped them avoid this and many other skin care problems. A serum foundation – a hybrid makeup and skincare product, is designed to offer the best of both worlds. The new product has dermatologist approval to help you achieve that perfect coverage while staying on your skin all day without bothering you. So, you can completely rely on this beauty must-have for your skincare and makeup needs.

Serum foundations are infused with skincare actives known to benefit the skin in one way or another. For example, these products are infused with ingredients such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and other nourishing oils. While 5-star antioxidants like vitamins C and E respectively fight free radicals and delay the signs of premature aging, hyaluronic acid boosts skin barrier hydration levels. Good oils like lavender oil, marula oil deliver a pleasant aroma and even offer therapeutic benefits. Choose the formula that best targets your skin condition to let it heal while giving you a decent finish.

And don’t be surprised if we tell you that GlamHour’s exclusive range of serum foundations can feel great on your skin and give you the coverage you want at the same time. The premium makeup brand offers foundations formulated with nourishing ingredients, with natural and active extracts. Even if you struggle with bad skin days, these skincare-makeup hybrid products will give you the best skin days. Take them and make them the essentials of your routine!

GlamHour, is one of the first makeup brands to offer serum foundations. Moreover, it is the very first brand to launch a versatile and inclusive range of 50 foundation shades in India and other Asian regions.

Grab GlamHour’s Serum Foundation and experience the benefits for yourself.

About GlamHour

GlamHour is an inclusive cosmetics brand. Co-founded by Asian social media personality Jyotsna Reddy, the brand aims to deliver innovative, cutting-edge products with skin-loving ingredients. With inclusion and quality as its main inspiration, it further aims to meet the unmet needs of diverse communities. Jyotsna is imbued to drive unexpected experiences that disrupt beauty standards and uphold self-expression.

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