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As former retail executives, Inkey List co-founders Mark Curry and Colette Laxton didn’t come into the startup with a digital-first mindset and, in fact, didn’t have not even a website until two weeks into the pandemic.

Still, the duo holds up very well in the digital space. At just three years old, Inkey List is already one of the hottest skincare brands of 2021, and according to self-proclaimed non-tech geniuses Curry and Laxton, it’s all down to their overwhelming consumer obsession.

Putting people at the center of everything was a decision made before the concept for the brand was even born, Curry said. To illustrate the point, he shared a scribbled note in May 2017 that featured 10 clear values, including “everything (of people)”, “hold nothing back”, “start with yourself”, and “enjoy every f*second”. “.

The Inkey List brand values ​​were written in May 2017.
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“Putting people at the center of everything is the Inkey way,” Curry said. “Whether it’s our team or the Inkey family, our customers, our partners or, most importantly, consumers. Consumers are at the center of everything.

For Inkey, that starts with communicating to consumers what’s in a product in an easy-to-understand way, while personalizing the consumer’s journey to find the right products for their concerns.

“We wanted to be the brand to answer any skincare questions on our brand or otherwise, one-on-one, with real humans,” Laxton said. “Our service offers a 24-hour skincare helpline to help those who need completely agnostic help. We’ve answered over 600,000 questions in just two years and have overinvested in our humans to ensure consumers have skincare experts at their fingertips whenever they need them, even if they don’t. not buy from us.

Recently, the brand launched a TikTok campaign asking people to ask Inkey questions and quickly received engagement with over 2,000 tweens asking questions about the cleansers. The company also launched My Inkey to provide a personalized experience that allows consumers to engage with the brand in a way unique to the individual, by answering simple questions, providing support and tracking progress.

The magic of My Inkey, Currey said, is two-fold, allowing the company to be human-centric while being data-driven. First, it enables a personalized customer experience while developing first-party business data. Each interaction will therefore inform the platform to make even better experiences in the future. Second, My Inkey brings a human touch.

As a brand, the ultimate goal, Currey and Laxton said, is to provide a seamless, hyper-personalized experience from stores to e-commerce to social media. Personalization, they said, “cannot be a moment, an activation, a slogan, or anything other than a principle that lives and breathes in all facets of the business.”

“We believe so much in our purpose and our personalization that we relentlessly do so every day, every minute, every second in everything we do,” Laxton said. “It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it. relentless execution is 90% of the outcome.

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