I’m a hair expert – quick and easy trick helps grow your locks

A HAIR expert has revealed a quick and easy way to grow out your locks in just two simple steps.

celebrity hairdresser Helene Reavey – who is also the founder of the hair care and wellness brand, Law+Acre – shared a video on the company’s social network account.


Hair expert Helen showed her followers a quick and easy way to grow your hair out.Credit: Instagram/@actandacre

In the short Instagram reel, Helen tells her 73,200 followers to use a dermaroller – a popular skincare device that uses small, thin needles to pierce the skin – combined with Act+’s award-winning stem cell serum. Acre.

First, Helen derma rolls the front part of her scalp in a series of quick, even strokes.

Then she applies several drops of the stem cell serum directly to the area she just derma rolled, allowing it to soak in.

Helen explains that this foolproof two-step routine will “increase blood flow and help your scalp absorb product better,” which promises to “prolong the growth phase.”

The expert, who has worked with Alicia Keys and Harry Styles during her illustrious career, also adds that the hair hack works best on “a dry scalp in the evening as an overnight treatment”, or just after the hair has been dried. cleaned. .

Meanwhile, Helen, who founded Act+Acre with her husband, Colm Mackin, in 2018, said the exact same method can be used on eyebrows to promote hair growth.

And it looks like the handy trick is already cracking down on social media users, who hailed the “brilliant” hack.

One impressed person said, “Helen, this is a GAME CHANGER.” Another added: “That’s genius.”

Meanwhile, a third commented that the oil was already working wonders on their hair.

They wrote: “Obsessed with hair oil. You are just our hair care extraordinaire @helenreavey.

While others said they were looking forward to giving it a shot themselves, explaining that they found Helen’s previous advice invaluable.

These include using a fine toothbrush to keep flyaway hairs at bay, and how to achieve instant volume with a smart hot and cold hack.

Helen demonstrates the first of two steps using a Derma Roller.


Helen demonstrates the first of two steps using a Derma Roller.Credit: Instagram/@artandacre
The founder of the brand then uses serum droplets of Act + Acre stem cells.


The founder of the brand then uses serum droplets of Act + Acre stem cells.Credit: Instagram/@artandacre

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