I tried the new brightening drops from Versed and they made my skin glow without makeup

On a scale of one to a disco ball, I always prefer my skin to glow and shine, especially in the summer. I try to achieve this not only with makeup and cute highlighters (because let’s face it, some days I just don’t want to be glamorous) but also with rosy skin care products. That’s why my favorite product types are multitasking hybrids of the two, like the new Versed Mood Lighting luminescent light drops.

Superfans of the brand will know that this is their first adventure in anything adjacent to makeup. As the premier skin care brand, you can bet they’re infused with skin-loving ingredients. Peptides, which help improve your skin’s natural barrier, and blackberry extract, which provides your skin with a dose of anti-free radical antioxidants, make the luminous drops apply and feel like a serum. , while the light reflecting pigments make it dazzling like your best highlighter.

Every part of this product, from the adorable pink packaging to the glow-boosting formula inside, radiates light. It comes in two shades: Sheer Bronzed with deeper brown tones and Sheer Golden with lighter golden tones. Both shades, thanks to the liquid formula of the product, blend easily into the skin. It has a few intended uses, but as with any makeup product, there are no rules – wear it alone without makeup (like I did), under foundation for an extra dewy boost, mix it with your foundation products, dab it on the highlights of your face on makeup, or use it on your body.

Unlike some heavily pigmented bronzer drops, Versed Mood Lighting Luminescent Glow Drops ($ 18) is less about adding color to your face and more about boosting glow, which means you don’t have to worry about the finish is too drastic. I decided to apply a drop all over my face after my morning skincare routine and was immediately impressed with how soft it mixed with my sunscreen. The immediate result was a fuzzy glow all over that didn’t look clammy or oily – just bright.

I had planned to apply a bit of concealment with this to finish my makeup-free makeup for the day, but ultimately decided against it because my skin looked so beautiful without it. As you can see it doesn’t cover you up so if your goal is to reduce the appearance of blemishes it won’t, but it’s great for improving your skin. It’s safe to say this will become a staple of my daily summer makeup routine.


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