Hydrafacial at home: An at-home hydrafacial treatment for glowing skin

What is the hydrafacial?

It falls somewhere between a spa facial, which is usually a temporary surface-level skin conditioning treatment for relaxation, and a procedure, which is a more effective and targeted approach using active ingredients. A HydraFacial is a patented skin treatment available at medical spas and dermatology offices. It is also sometimes called “hydradermabrasion” because it involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation combined with moisturizing serums.

Benefits of hydrafacial for the skin

A hydrafacial is said to help improve the texture, tone and overall appearance of the skin. This is due to the deep exfoliation which cleans your pores, removes debris and allows facial serums suitable for your skin type to penetrate better. It will make your skin healthy, soft, smooth and glowing.

Hydrafacial Price in India

A hydrafacial in India at the best salon will cost you around Rs 10,000. But we’re here to tell you that you can treat yourself to a hydrafacial at home anytime you want for much less.

How to do hydrafacial at home?

The real driving force behind the power of the Hydrafacial is the intense physical exfoliation that the suction head’s rough tip provides as it moves across the skin. This done repetitively, combined with the mild chemical exfoliation in their cleansing liquids, creates the results. And we can recreate this effect quite easily ourselves at home.

1. Remove makeup

A micellar cleanser is the best way to kick off this skincare experience. Just like being at the spa, when you’re about to have a deep treatment, you don’t want to skimp and leave behind everything that will smudge later. The micellar water will dissolve all the makeup and grime in the pores and make it easier to wash off afterwards. Enjoy the process and treat yourself to a great massage!


Price: Rs.123

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2. Deep clean

Wash your face with a foaming cleanser so that any acids have the best chance of penetrating the skin. You can directly apply the cleansing oil with a facial cleanser. Wash a little longer than normal and work your way up to the hairline and up to the ears and neck so you don’t miss a thing. And you’ll be replacing the moisture you lose shortly, so don’t worry and lather up!


Price: 296 rupees

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3. Physically exfoliate

Hydrafacial consists of exfoliating with light, repetitive movements. A big goal of Hydrafacial treatments is to slowly slough off dead skin and reveal a new layer all over. Think of this as the polishing step – new skin will be nice and smooth and receptive to all of our chemical exfoliants and moisturizing ingredients. Focus on small areas at a time with a gentle face scrub. When you’re done, rinse everything well and dry lightly with your hands.


Price: 395 rupees

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4. Chemically exfoliate

Hydrafacial is the inclusion of chemical exfoliants in the exfoliation step. They are there to loosen debris from pores and old skin cells so they can be washed and scrubbed away. It helps everything else work better. Use an AHA BHA scrub solution and let it sit for 5 minutes before washing it off.


Price: Rs.1095

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5. Physically Exfoliate (Round 2)

To remove all the waste released by the chemical exfoliators, we will once again use our physical exfoliator. The skin underneath will be refreshed to the max and ready to be hydrated in the next step. Gently re-visit the entire face with a facial scrub and encourage old cells to slough off. When you feel ready, rinse very well and towel dry.


Price: 309 rupees

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6. Extraction

Now is the time to get in there and carefully check your skin for any congestion that is ready to clear. If you have large blackheads or whiteheads waiting to come out, use a tissue and press very gently on each side with the pads of your fingers. Then, use a head vacuum all over your face and oilier areas for a true Hydrafacial experience.


Price: Rs.489

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7. Hydrate

Seal in your skin’s moisture using a water-based lotion and peptide-filled serum to recreate the original Hydrafacial’s claimed anti-aging and replenishing benefits.


Price: Rs.664

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Finally, seal the deal with a sheet mask to let your skin marinate in all the juicy goodness. Lie back, relax and enjoy.


Price: Rs.74

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8. Seal it

Once you’ve peeled off the mask to reveal the most hydrated skin you’ve ever had, it’s time to keep it that way. We want to keep it water-based here to stay true to the original treatment.


Price: 255 rupees

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But water likes to evaporate. So, to get the best of both worlds, we’ll end up with a Vaseline cream. It’s a waterproof barrier to lock in moisture without using oils or butters that your skin might react badly to. Vaseline is incredibly safe and useful for the skin. The trick is to use a half-pea-sized amount for the entire face.


Price: 318 rupees

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These at-home hydrafacial steps will give you the smoothest, most radiant skin in no time.

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