How To Fight Dry Skin This Winter Health and fitness

As the winter months set in, the humidity both inside and out decreases and the skin dries up.

Fortunately, the solutions for “winter itch” are inexpensive and plentiful. Best of all, practicing these skin care tips year round will help keep your skin healthy throughout the schedule.

• Take out the humidifier – Simply put, dry skin comes from dry air. Appropriate indoor humidity levels can be restored by adding the presence of a humidifier in high traffic spaces. With moisture restored to the air, hydration is less likely to be removed from your skin.

• Moisturize inside and out – It’s no secret that staying hydrated is a must for healthy living. However, when it comes to the skin, drinking water helps restore / maintain its elasticity. Better elasticity results in less chapping associated with dry skin, resulting in less itching (and wrinkles)!

• Bathe like a baby – From the point of view of temperature, that is to say. We are all guilty of running indoors after a particularly cold day and enjoying a hot bath or shower. Hot water used for bathing irritates the epidermis of the skin, damaging cells in the outer layer. Instead of indulging in the heat, continue to bathe lukewarm to lock in the moisture.

• Moisturize after washing – Hands, head, knees, and toes all need extra hydration after your bathing routine. When you wash, you strip your body of its natural oils and you guessed it: moisture. Hydration immediately after bathing promotes significant hydration.

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