Helmet camera footage captures spectacular dog rescue from barn fire in Pennsylvania

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TOWNSHIP OF WARWICK, PA (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania fire company on Saturday posted helmet camera video of a firefighter rescuing a dog from a barn fire in Lancaster County.

Ryan Balmer was the firefighter who carried out the dramatic rescue in the Township of Warwick.

“Someone told me a dog was in there,” Balmer recalls.

Balmer’s helmet camera captured the dramatic rescue. The video, which is just over a minute long, is posted to the Lititz fire department. Facebook page.

In the video, you hear the dog barking frantically as Balmer begins to perform the rescue.

“Once we found the conditions that we encountered in that room, the dog was obviously still alive, so I had to take him out,” Balmer said.

Blamer managed to smash a window and climb up to save the dog.

The dog was not injured and is doing well.

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