Great for men and bigger for the planet as a sustainability-focused personal care brand

Posted: Date Posted – 1:28 PM, Tue – Jul 26, 22

Hyderabad: Co-founded by a passionate professional, Aron Marquez, the men’s self-care product company has amazed people with its eco-friendly products.

July 25: It is amazing to discover all these brands and companies that have something new and distinctive to offer people and their target demographic. But, a few other brands are creating all the more buzz not only for offering distinctive products but, above all, for adding value to people’s lives by creating products that are kind to the planet. The problem with most people today is that they don’t really care what they consume or use in terms of different products and services without focusing on their source because most of them are derived from the use of plastic. However, fortunately, there are a few brands whose founding goal has been to protect the planet by creating sustainable products and always serving the target audience in the best possible way. Ombré Men is all of this and more.

Ombré Men has become synonymous with the word sustainable for the type of amazing personal care products it offers exclusively to men around the world. Co-founders Aron Marquez, Justin Tarin and Abraham Ancer highlight how they noticed the world’s reliance on plastic for almost everything, consciously or unconsciously. They wanted to fill this gap and therefore decided to create such an amazing brand as Ombré Men, which today is known as the best choice for men’s self-care products, making men’s skin care durable. Not only that, but many other industries have been filled with everything plastic, and to break that dominance, the co-founders introduced the use of sustainable, eco-friendly products that depend only on the finest ingredients from the nature.

She’s based in Dallas, and her enduring approach to the men’s grooming niche has already turned many heads. The team is determined to reduce the carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment with its unique products like AM and PM moisturizer, lip balm and hand and body lotion, making skincare simple and durable skincare products for men in a market. which works behind faster results while using plastic containers, bottles, etc.

Aron Marquez (@aronhmarquez), a serial entrepreneur, who originally launched Wildcat Oil Tools, an international service company, founded a tequila brand Flecha Azul with co-founder and professional golfer Abraham Ancer (@abrahamancer) and a clothing company named Black Quail Apparel, now with Ombré Men, along with fellow co-founder and president Justin Tarin (@jdtarin) focus on excellent quality products and reusable and recycled packaging, using glass, aluminum and other durable materials.

Aron Marquez also points out that Ombré Men ( products are delivered to customers at their doorsteps, steadily becoming a brand that is great for men and bigger for the planet.

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