Goldie Hawn’s 2021 Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

If the saying is true and women truly do become their mothers, then Kate Hudson has a lot to look forward to. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, has barely aged since she At the sea days. It’s hard to believe the actress is 75, which is living proof that laughter really is the best anti-aging. Of course, his famous devotion to green juices could also have something to do with it. When asked to reveal her beauty secrets, Goldie points out that beauty comes from within, which is why eating and moving cleanly every day is essential.

While Goldie wants to eat a healthy diet and exercise, it’s no surprise that she doesn’t take her appearance seriously. “I also look at my face a lot, but I don’t study it,” she told the the Wall Street newspaper. “I am not a studier of my face, of my beauty.” She might not be impressed with herself, but we are! Find out how she keeps her gorgeous shine.

She takes a holistic approach to beauty.

Much like her diet, Goldie likes to keep it simple and natural when it comes to her skin care. So what’s her beauty routine? “I don’t do much,” she said. “I was using coconut oil for a while on my face. My mother used to make lemon; she was squeezing lemon and putting it on her face.

Who needs novelty goods when you can get into DIY like her? “There are some great creams out there. Creams with this and creams with that, but I’m ingesting oil, ”Goldie told Popsugar. “The skin is our largest organ, and as you get older you become drier. So, I ingest two tablespoons of olive oil before bed and massage my face.

Even her signature blonde hair color is completely natural. “I know it sounds weird, but I’ve never colored my hair,” she said. “I just put a regular rinse on it because I don’t have any chemicals on it.”

She relaxes with a cloth mask.

Sometimes the stars are really like us – Goldie relaxes with a face mask too. She captioned it “A girl must do what a girl must do.” Truer words have never been spoken. She tagged Skyn ​​Iceland, so the same face mask can be yours. Goldie’s glow is not included however.

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She keeps her diet simple.

When it comes to what she eats, Goldie doesn’t think too much about it, nor does she eat too much. ” I do not eat a lot. I think we eat too much, ”said Hawn People. His approach to meals is light and easy. “I juice a lot, I don’t put a lot of food in my stomach, and I don’t over mix my food. So if I want to have protein, I’m just going to eat a bowl of lentils, I’m not going to mix it with a bunch of stuff.

Listening to her body has served Goldie well. “I eat what I want,” she said. “[For breakfast.] sometimes I fast, and sometimes I have cereal or oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll have a protein shake. I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening, and I will have another coffee in the afternoon.

She’s all about green juice.

Hawn attributes his good health to his signature drink. Kate Hudson says sipping green juice is the best beauty advice her mom has ever given her. “I think it’s more the stuff we eat,” Hudson said. Seduce.“Like green juice, mom has always been drinking green juice. And taking teaspoons of olive oil. We love the products and we have fun with the products, but as far as the real things I learned from mom, it’s her way of life. She was still healthy and active and was drinking something green.

Goldie is so devoted to her signature sip she said Buzzfeed his biggest pet peeve is, “Not enough green juice.

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She always exercises.

It’s not about spending time on the treadmill or doing the hottest workout. Goldie prefers to incorporate exercise into her day more naturally. “I try to stay positive and be very, very active,” she said. “I walk everyday and I run and I do all kinds of things.” When she can’t make the time to do a full workout, she does short intervals instead. “If I don’t have an hour, I’ll do 15-minute intervals. In fact, it is a very good thing to do. If you tax yourself too much in an hour, you tax a lot.

It is essential that you just move your body. “The exercise routine is variable,” she said. “I’m not an exercise freak. I don’t tire my heart all day and I don’t sweat and stuff. I try to sweat every day in my infrared sauna and I walk. I walk at a brisk pace. I’m not running. I will walk and run on my treadmill. I’m going to walk fast, then I’m going to run for about three minutes and I’m going to bring it down then bring it up high. I do my yoga. I do weight pretty much every day. I’m moving. I don’t stay seated for long. I think it’s something else: a lot of guys are going to sit down and watch sports. God loves them, I understand, but all day ?! Get up, walk, do jumping jacks. Get your body moving, because your body wants to move.

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She says daily affirmations.

Long before personal care became the buzzword, Goldie knew that the way you take care of what’s on the inside benefits your outside. In fact, the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is say a few affirmations. “I breathe in big, deep breaths, hold them – especially if I’m sleepy – and after about four breaths my eyes just open,” she told the the Wall Street newspaper. “Oxygen is a big deal.” And it’s something that she practices all day. “A statement is not enough. You need to keep reminding yourself of affirmative messages throughout the day, whether it is a message to yourself or a message about what you want to affect positively.

She practices mindfulness.

Goldie founded MindUP, his non-profit organization dedicated to helping children learn to practice mindfulness and take care of their mental health, in 2003. When I started working, I was a dancer, ”she said. “I think dancing is an interesting introduction to mindfulness because it really puts your mind [in connection with] your body. I feel very lucky and grateful that my mom put me in dance school at age 3 and it has become my life. It is still, in a way, my life. I still feel more like a dancer in many ways than anything else. It doesn’t mean that I go to class every day, but I stay mindful of my body and mind. I was ahead of my time, but the interesting thing is that [discovering mindfulness] come when it’s time … I [began] MindUP and I used all the things I learned about neurobiology, meditation, connectedness, positive psychology, and taking our senses into account.

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