Gil Benzaquen, AYAM Beauty Care Co-Founder, Talks Beauty Secrets of Dead Sea Minerals

Arguably the two places on Earth with the least inviting place names are Death Valley and the Dead Sea, but both have dedicated followers. Tourists from Los Angeles started visiting Death Valley pretty much as soon as cars capable of making the trip were available. People have soaked in the Dead Sea for its legendary healing and beauty benefits since at least the time of the Pharaohs in (relatively) neighboring Egypt.

The Dead Sea is almost 10 times saltier than the ocean. People have soothed their aches and pains in its waters since biblical times. For just as long, those who weren’t sick and could afford to make the trip soaked in the Dead Sea to make their skin healthier and more beautiful. In recent years, a cosmetic industry has developed in Israel to distill these healing and rejuvenating properties from Dead Sea minerals. A leader in this quest is Ayush Gil Benzaquen, co-founder of AYAM Beauty Products, an Israeli company with a long line of products containing Dead Sea minerals.

Benzaquen is a 40-year veteran in the beauty and cosmetics industry, starting with Venezuela, where people watch the Miss Universe pageant like the rest of the world watches the World Cup. We asked Benzaquen about the legendary healing properties of the Dead Sea, its long history as a beauty destination, and why the Israeli cosmetics industry is so woefully neglected.

How do the minerals from the Dead Sea make them especially good for skin care?

The waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentrations of essential minerals on Earth. Of the more than 26 minerals found in its waters, 12 astonishing are not found in any other ocean or sea. It also contains 10 times more salt than other oceans or seas. If you’ve been lucky enough to swim in the Dead Sea, you’ve probably noticed smoother skin, better skin hydration, and reduced skin inflammation over the following days, weeks, or even months.

So what is it that makes these minerals so powerful?

A few factors… Salt from the Dead Sea is rich in zinc and bromide. Both are known to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium can boost skin hydration, which helps reduce itching and redness, and ultimately soothes the skin. Salt from the Dead Sea improves blood circulation, helping to reduce the number of skin dander.

Minerals are essential for the skin’s metabolism. As we age, the level of minerals in the body begins to be depleted. The researchers found that at some point the body no longer independently produces minerals and must tap into an external source of supply to strengthen cell membranes against dehydration and environmental hazards.

In addition to minerals, solar radiation from the Dead Sea is filtered out due to its location 400 meters below sea level. The shortest part of UVB has been shown to not reach the Dead Sea. The combination of regular sun exposure at this low sea level and the high mineral concentration in the water is effective in treating many common skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema.

Is it true that Dead Sea mud is a treatment for psoriasis? If so, what makes it effective?

In a study by PubMed Central, a group of participants with atopic dry skin immersed their arms in water containing 5% Dead Sea salt for 15 minutes. The study found that those who soaked their arms in the solution had better skin hydration and reduced redness and inflammation of the skin (hallmarks of psoriasis) compared to those who used the common sample of ‘tap water.

The official treatment that helps relieve psoriasis, dermatitis, and even eczema is called climatotherapy. Climate therapy is the exposure of the skin to harmless, mineral-rich environments. Important climatotherapy centers include the Dead Sea, the Kangal Hot Spring with fish, the Blue Lagoon, the Black Sea in Bulgaria and the Safaga region in Egypt.

The Dead Sea has a unique combination of several climatic factors that enable “natural selective phototherapy” or treatment with natural light. People get great results when they combine this unique way of sun exposure with balneotherapy or bathing in salt water.

Apparently, the Dead Sea has attracted people seeking relief from ailments for centuries. How far in recorded history is the Dead Sea considered a place of healing?

Climatotherapy dates back to Roman times and was also used as a kind of ritual practice among the Greeks, Babylonians and Mesopotamians. It has also been documented that Cleopatra was known to indulge in the beauty benefits of the Dead Sea.

Are Dead Sea salt skin care products just a bad substitute for swimming in the Dead Sea, or do they offer special benefits?

You don’t need to plan a trip to the Dead Sea to receive its powerful properties. For example, there are Dead Sea salt beauty products that target hair and skin texture. Using, for example, a shampoo infused with Dead Sea salts can help remove itching, flaking, and inflammation caused by dry scalp. However, these products are not intended for the cure of chronic diseases.

Israel has an international reputation as a technology hub for a wide range of technologies ranging from biotechnology and cannabis research to water efficiency and advanced desalination technologies.

Correct. Israel, despite being both a small and young country in the Middle East, is known for its innovation and technology. It has even been dubbed “the nation of start-ups” and the next Silicon Valley.

It is only natural that the world of high technology and innovation will soon find a role in beauty care, especially with its beauty history. As host to a wide variety of plants, herbs and, of course, the Dead Sea – rich in healing minerals, unique salts and mud – Israeli companies are now focusing scientific research and product innovation. in modern labs and advanced production methods to help create better (and more affordable) beauty products.

Tell us about the skin care and cosmetics industries in Israel, which in my opinion are important but not so well known.

The cosmetics industry in Israel is constantly overlooked, despite its leading role in product innovation. More and more, we are seeing consumers increase their interest in ingredients, natural components, parabens and healthy choices for the skin, and Israeli companies are responding to this need by using its natural resources and advanced technologies to create new products. new performative products. Soon, we expect American beauty retailers to be inundated with high-quality Israeli cosmetics.

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