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We like to take care of ourselves and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to take care of ourselves inside and out. Each week, we’ll be asking celebrities to share their Sunday self-care routines because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it’s all about Gemma Collins, the TOWIE star turned TV legend who has more famous catchphrases than we have hot dinners.

Often known as The GC, Gemma is decidedly sassy, ​​glamorous and downright diva (in the best possible way).

In fact, she might as well have made up memes, honey! From shouting “I’M CLAUSTROPHOBIC DARREN” to leaving the I’m A Celeb jungle after just three days, she’s an icon who must be protected at all costs.

In addition to dominating our screens, Gemma also collaborates with major fashion and beauty brands including her very personal edition with New Look and be the face of Aussie’s new DEEEP Moisture hair care line.

Gemma chats exclusively to talk about her whimsical self-care routines, budget beauty shopping, and the best advice she’s ever received…

On shiny hair

Gemma is the new face of Aussie’s DEEEP Moisture range, but how did this exciting collaboration start?

“Well as you know darling I don’t like my hair being smashed at any time of the day. I used to buy Aussie before they even approached me it was My favorite payday treat when I was younger One I love the smell, two I think the kangaroo is so cute and three it works!

“It’s absolutely amazing and where I dye my hair a lot, I always need a really good conditioner for my hair and it does the trick every time. I’ve found out since using it , that my hair doesn’t break even when it’s just been dyed, it’s amazing.”

So what is Gemma’s favorite Australian product?

“I like Hydrating mask (£9.99), Hun, that’s the one. You get in the bath, you splash it on your hair and you light the candles, it’s a real treat. Since using it, my hair isn’t as knotty as it used to be and it certainly isn’t as dry. Honestly, my hair used to look like hay, but now it’s so shiny!”

On personal care

So how does the GC spend a rare day off? Spoiler alert: It’s classy.

“I wake up in the morning and start my day drinking Masala Chai tea. I love it, so I drink plenty of it. I water my plants before I take a bath. Before going in, I literally slap the Aussie Hydrating Mask (£9.99) and leave it for twenty minutes while I finish making my plants. Then I put in all my favorite bath salts, I love all the Neal’s Yard products, so I put all of that in. Geranium Bath Oil (£18.99) is my preferred. Then I literally sit in the bath for about two hours, no kidding. That’s what my mom says, ‘Are you still into it?!’

“I also have this really good drink with crystals and I feel it with water and I just like to relax. I actually had a self-care day yesterday and I fell asleep and Rami m woke up at 9 p.m. He said, ‘Are you okay?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just getting my restful sleep!’

“I love days when I don’t have too much to think about and can really relax and take care of myself. I love body creams, lotions and potions. I always apply the cream so that my skin is very soft.”

On Skincare Favorites

“Everyone always compliments me on my skin but to be honest I only use Cream of sea. I use all of the works, from the Lip balm (£58) at The Concentrate (£178) to Eye cream (£185). I literally soak it up and next to my bed is every Crème de la Mer product you can think of. It is definitely a miracle broth. I mean, at 40, you have to take care of your skin.

“I also have Profhilo and Macdermol which are injections that deeply moisturize the skin.”

Beauty shopping on a budget

Does the GC have any beauty recommendations that aren’t (whispered) THE SEA?!

“You know what, I’ll be honest with you. I have all the expensive stuff but I recently got into Trinny London. I have just discovered his treatments, in particular the Retinol Sensation Night (£69).

“When I’m not The GC, I don’t wear a piece of makeup, but I’m a sucker for a skincare product. I always make sure I have a fluffy brow and a few little individual lashes on, but I love Trinny’s blushes and lipsticks.

“Also, Collection is amazing. I love the Liquid Eyeliner Collection, it’s around £2.99 and I’m telling you now, it lasts like 10 years. It’s amazing and it lasts forever.”

On podcasts

Gem had her own podcast (aptly named The Gemma Collins Podcast) and it was audio gold. We definitely need to know – when will he be back?

“We’re coming back in September. I’m coming back and I’m so excited! It’s going to be even better because it’s going to be a lot less controlled this time. Complete freedom of expression this time.”

What podcasts does she like to listen to herself?

“You know what, I’ll be honest. I’m so busy all the time honey, not at all! I love Fearne Cotton’s podcast, Happy Place. It’s really good.”

On clearing negative energy

Gemma may not have much time to catch up on podcast episodes, but she’s a huge YouTube fan.

“I watch it a lot. I normally watch a lot of self-help stuff, meditations, that kind of stuff. I’m really into frequency sounds by the minute. Frequency sounds are literally no joke. If you want to try and get your ex-boyfriend back or you want to heal your solar plexus.

“I obviously meet a lot of people and their energy, because I’m sensitive to energies because I’m really spiritual as I get older. I’ve always been spiritual, but now I’m older, I’m so on. My third eye works all the time. So I’ll put the sounds on or do a de-stresser at the end of the week to get rid of any negative energy. That’s really good, if you want to get back with an ex or hear from someone, I really believe in frequency sounds. Give it a try!”

On daily well-being habits

“I have a pink bedroom in my house, everything is pink, so sometimes I sit in there and check my emails. The environment is key. You know, sometimes I need to be with my pink stuffed animals. That’s what I do, drinking tea, immersing myself in a pink room, listening to frequency sounds, I think I just try to be positive and talk kindly to each other every day. is very important.”

On good advice

What is a really good piece of advice that has helped Gemma recently?

“What’s gotten to me lately is how people are treating you, it’s their problem, not yours. Sometimes it’s easy to think, ‘Why did they do that? Or why did they treat me like that?’ when in fact it’s their problem and not yours, honey I want to release a slogan t-shirt with this!

“Besides, my dad always tells me, ‘Forget it, Gemma!’ Instead, just send love to everyone. Even if someone is horrible to you, send them love and pray for their soul, somehow. I think there’s years I was always quick to shout or say something, but now I just hold my breath, count to ten and walk away.”

Quick hit:

What show are you currently watching? Do you know what I watch these days? Gardeners’ World and CountryFile! I also loved Emily In Paris, I would love to make an appearance on that show…

How do you like your cup of tea? I only drink Harrod’s tea bags, I am very demanding with my tea, sometimes I have sugar and sometimes I don’t depending on my mood. I add Collagen and Peptides by Davina Taylor (£19.99) and it’s so good and helps me sleep better at night

Must-have loungewear brand? I wear Bra #1 they make brilliant bras but their panties are just amazing. I just like wearing a new pair of panties every day because I love that tight stretchy feel. With panties n°1 you have this all the time, so I was able to be more durable.

Favorite face mask? I love the cheap little 59p’s from Boots, Superdrug or Primark. I have bought the most expensive ones before and they have been absolutely rubbish!

Go to order takeout? Oh, I love honey curry, I’m not going to lie. Curry or Thai.

Favorite candle? I would never use Diptych candlesbut I have just discovered a brand called Lint and Kemp. I love that they are long lasting so every time you are done with one of your candles they will fill the jar for you.

Gemma Collins is working with Aussie on the launch of their new DEEEP Moisture hair care range, designed for coarse, thick, curly and dry hair and providing up to 72 hours of hydration.

Aussie DEEEP Moisture Shampoo (675ml) and Conditioner (470ml) are now available in XL sizes (because size matters) at B&M Bargains with an RRP of £6.00. The wider range is available in standard sizes from all major retailers.

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