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Three Front Range-based businesses are teaming up to offer a one-of-a-kind outdoor market on Saturday.

A collection of chocolate for Moksha Mother’s Day. (Chocolate Moksha / Photo courtesy)

Designed as a pre-Mother’s Day celebration and a place to pick up memorable and unique gifts, the Moksha Chocolate pop-up will feature organic flowers from Petals Boulder, a skincare line from Colorado Aromatics, and plenty of chocolates from single herbal origin. made from ethically sourced Peruvian cocoa.

“I chose Petals and Colorado Aromatics not only because they are high quality, local women owned small businesses, but also because they are involved in the planting and growth of their supplies and ingredients.” said Jennifer Caines, who co-founded Moksha Chocolate with her husband Michael Caines. “Jennifer Nicolo of Petals has a greenhouse in which she grows her flowers and plants and Dr. Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics makes her skin care products with lavender, cucumber and mint that she uses. she cultivates on her farm in Longmont. Moksha Chocolate is farm-to-bar chocolate, so we have a lot in common. We have similar values ​​and take things from the ground up to the finished product. “

Saturday’s free event will be held in the Moksha Factory parking lot located at 2746 47th St. in Boulder from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Geneviève Fraser checks the Boulder Petal flower cart at an event in Boulder. (Regina Mountjoy / photo courtesy)

In addition to the nuanced bars, participants can purchase chocolate dipped strawberries and mango slices. New this year is Moksha’s Belizean Blood Orange Bar which combines a citrus flavor with a distinct look.

“We brought back our beautifully packaged tasting flights in two varieties,” Caines said. “One which is dark to white chocolate and one which is more white chocolate based which includes raspberry white and matcha white. White chocolate is really popular because of its healthy cocoa butter content and ours is all plant-based and super fresh.

Flowers have always been a Mother’s Day staple. At this event, shoppers will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of organically grown varieties directly in Boulder.

A bouquet of buttercups, hyacinths and tulips grown in Boulder by Petals Boulder. (Petals Boulder / Photo courtesy)

“I can’t wait to see what people create,” said Jennifer Nicolo, owner and chief designer of Petals Boulder, a company she founded in 2019. “With our flower basket running as a ‘Build Your Own Bouquet Bar ‘, people can design bouquets that match their personalities and tastes and I’m sure I’ll be impressed with the combinations they come up with.

The variety of flowers offered by this local grower is sure to appeal to a number of styles.

“Buttercups are very popular right now, but my new personal favorite is protea – the native flower of South Africa,” said Nicolo. “These beauties are tall, responsible and unforgettable pink. They also last two full weeks – if not longer – in the vase.

A bunch of protea in the Petals Boulder Design Studio. (Petals Boulder / Photo courtesy)

Nicolo grows her flowers wherever she can find soil, be it in the yard of friends and neighbors or in the tiny greenhouse, seed room and arboretum she has built in her home. of the mid-century in South Boulder.

“I’m actually a historian by training, but when my kids were really young I got stuck in the yard all the time watching them and got bored,” said Nicolo. “I started gardening to take care of the children and since my whole family was involved in the process, it was very important to me that everything was organic and chemical free. Soon we grew more flowers than I could afford and Petals Boulder was born.

Prefabricated bouquets will also be available for those who just want to leave the organization to the experts.

“We’ll be there to help people choose their favorite colors and combinations and hydrate, wrap and bring home,” said Nicolo. “We will also have a choice of garden boxes of locally grown herbs, cacti and succulents for houseplant enthusiasts.”

Petals Boulder specializes in the dahlias that Nicolo starts indoors in February and plants outdoors in June. In August, her yard is full of flowers that are said to symbolize elegance, inner strength, change, creativity and dignity.

“While we grow exotic flowers and force some winter flowers ourselves, we also source from other growers and markets, especially in winter,” said Nicolo. “Our first choice is always local growers, but for some things we have to have flowers shipped.”

Like Petals Boulder, the Colorado Aromatics team uses rich Front Range soil to cultivate ingredients that go into making next-level products that surpass typical drugstore finds.

Colorado Aromatics founder Cindy Jones cuts lavender on her farm in Longmont. (Fern Crossway / photo courtesy)

“Colorado Aromatics is a truly farm-to-skin business,” said Fern Crossway, social media manager for Colorado Aromatics, also a conservation biology graduate. “All of our products are made in small batches in our Longmont store and each product we make uses herbs grown on our certified naturally grown Longmont farm.

From high-quality essential oils to balms designed to protect the region’s climatic conditions, the elements of Colorado Aromatics are rooted in nature.

“Our products are formulated in-house by Dr. Cindy Jones – our CEO, biochemist, farmer, herbalist and real life superwoman,” said Crossway. “From the seeds we plant to the final sale, every step of our process is done by us.”

Lavender Lovers Gift Set by Colorado Aromatics. (Fern Crossway / photo courtesy)

Saturday’s bounty will include a myriad of personal care creations.

“We’ll be bringing our bestsellers, as well as some great gifts for all the Colorado moms as we celebrate this Mother’s Day,” Crossway said. “Expect to find nourishing face cream and body lotion, deliciously scented bath and shower products, massage oils and some of our favorite gift sets.”

Throughout the summer, Moksha Chocolate hopes to continue collaborating with other outdoor businesses in the area.

Cindy Jones, founder of Colorado Aromatics, owns the company’s Springtide Gold face cream. (Fern Crossway / photo courtesy)

“As a women-owned skin farm brand, we are thrilled to partner with two other women-owned businesses that care deeply about creating local and sustainable products,” said Crossway. “We share common values ​​with Moksha and Petals and we believe that the things that unite us make us a trio of power. We are so grateful to have such an amazing community here in the Front Range and we always welcome growth and support within this community.

Saturday’s festivities will also include a DJ offering a varied soundtrack.

“This is the perfect last minute opportunity to get fresh gift items direct from the manufacturers,” Caines said. “You can taste the chocolate and take a look at the factory from our outdoor facility.”

Other events to celebrate and shop for the moms in your life:


Shine Mother’s Day Specials: The restaurant has come up with a magical mommy treatment set filled with an abundance of canned sparkling potions of Shine, B12 and CBD shots, local honey, by-products and more. Mother’s Day specials are available for dinner on site, take out or delivery; 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Shine Community, 2480 Canyon Blvd., unit M1;

Mother’s Day Brunch: Celebrate the day with a multi-course brunch featuring lemon pancakes and take a cooking class to recreate the dishes at home; 10 a.m. on Sunday; Food Lab Boulder, 1825 Pearl Street; $ 85;


Sugar Pine Birthday: Grab a grilled burger or bratwurst with mom and pick up some handmade jewelry from AO Arts & KDK Designs who will host a pop-up event on site. Vendors Table Mountain Farm, StoryMaker Coffee and Sweet Cow will also be on hand to offer treats; 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday; Sugar Pine Grocery Store, 1920 S. Coffman St .; sugarpinec

Make & Take Mother’s Day: Join the artists of the Board & Brush studio for an afternoon of creativity, while sipping on Wibby’s lagers. The studio provides all the materials and instructs clients step by step to create a beautiful room for your home or for a gift. Choose from a variety of paint colors in the workshop. French pancakes will be available for purchase; Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. Wibby Brewing, 209 Emery St .; $ 15;

Free beer for mom: Left Hand will buy all moms their first beer on Sunday. In addition, a 20% sale on all products for women will take place until May 9; 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Left Hand Brewing Company, 1265 Boston Ave .;

A Mother’s Day concert: Ernest Washington to perform live to celebrate all mothers and those they love; 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday; The Speakeasy, 301 Main St .; $ 25 to $ 50;

Land of love

Mother’s Day pop-up shop: Browse the retail stalls, sip refreshing mimosas and take part in a photo shoot in a summery setting; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; The Gressiwick, 426 N. Lincoln Ave .;

Mother’s Day at the brewery: Enjoy dishes prepared by the chef with beer pairings. Gift cards, online Mother’s Day meal packages, and beer orders are also available; 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sunday; Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, 6025 Sky Pond Drive;

Mother’s Day Bouquet Sale: Pick up fresh, locally grown farm flowers at Blooming Betties at Loveland Aleworks this weekend; 4 pm-6pm Friday and Saturday; 118 W 4th St .;


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