Founder of Bescher on the anti-aging secret of sea cucumbers


Launched in 2019, Bescher is an Australian skin care brand that offers medical grade sea cucumber type I collagen products.

Despite its name, sea cucumbers are marine invertebrates belonging to the group of echinoderms, which includes starfish and sea urchins. They have a long history as a delicacy in Chinese cuisine and are believed to have medicinal value.

Founder Renee Alyce told us that sea cucumber collagen is superior to other conventional collagens, like bovine or fish collagen.

“When sea cucumbers see a predator, their self-defense mechanism is to vomit and spit out their guts. In three to six weeks, sea cucumber will regenerate its bowels and skin due to a rare form of marine collagen and is the only one that can regrow on call.

Alyce came up with the idea of ​​developing skin care with this marine ingredient while living on a Pacific island where the climate was harsh and the people who lived there were prone to tropical skin infections caused by skin bites. unhealed insects.

Without a pharmacy (or Sephora), locals relied on traditional natural ingredients such as hand-cold-pressed coconut oil.

“I was fascinated by all the different plants on the island that I could potentially use on my skin. I got into a very creative state of mind while walking around the island or going swimming in the crystal caves. I wanted to find something that could absorb the minerals from this amazing island, ” Said Alyce.

She later learned that local villagers were using sea cucumber topically to treat minor wounds, infections, and other skin conditions.

This led Alyce to research topical uses for sea cucumber collagen, and she learned that it had the potential to improve signs of aging like wrinkles.

“I wasn’t able to create my brand at the time, but the idea never left my mind. The sea cucumber collagen changed my skin and how I felt about myself… I am so happy to be able to share this amazing ingredient with other people. I really feel like this is going to burst into the industry and I’m really excited about it.

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