Ease enters the laundry detergent market

It’s not easy to face a goliath like Tide in the laundry aisle. But consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability and are following suit with their wallets. In 2021, there are new opportunities for independent home care brands that can launch online, especially as more buyers have turned to the world of e-commerce for cleaning products. household. This is the path that Ease, a startup, plans to take.

The home cleaning brand has launched its first product in the North American market: Multipurpose Laundry Detergent Sheets.

Sheet products, which exhibit color catching properties, are made from non-woven regenerative plant fibers in a hexagonal pattern that facilitates absorption. The linens allow white and colored clothes to be washed together while preventing color bleeds and additional fabric dyes from reaching the water source.

“Our goal is to make cleaning your home the most efficient and easy,” said founder William Teng.

Teng has a background in environmental science and sustainability management. He then worked in consulting and for a venture capital firm.

“I specialized in consumer goods, waste and energy. I saw an opportunity to reduce waste by concentrating the detergent on the next step and adding functions that liquid detergents cannot achieve, ”he told Happi.

“Compared to other sheet detergents, most of them are soluble and have to add a large part of starch, which would reduce the efficiency of cleaning capacity. Ease detergent is concentrated in this solid gel form and attached to our sheet which will retain its cleaning effectiveness and dissolve quickly when it hits the water, ”he said.

Ease leaves are said to capture chemicals like potassium dichromate, which is often found in bleach. The enzymes in the formulation are airbrushed onto the sheet, which is ultra-concentrated. One sheet can wash up to 20 shirts in a single load and a box of Ease detergent ($ 16) can wash 30 loads of laundry in total, according to the company.

The products are also sparsely packed.

Teng argues that the facility will help eliminate the amount of plastic coming from the grade; he noted that 700 million plastic detergent bottles are used each year.

Plus, Ease Sheets can reduce extra products in the laundry routine. Once out of the washer, the sheet can be used in the dryer to protect against static electricity.

Ease laundry detergent sheets are sold online at easynewyork.com.

“We will start as DTC e-commerce and listen carefully to feedback before we start retail,” said Teng, who plans to expand Ease’s offerings.

He told Happi that there were plans for bathroom and kitchen cleaning products as well as personal care.

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