Dr. Squatch and Halo Boost Consumers’ Shower Routine with New Spartan Exfoliating Soap

Spartan Scrub contains unique ingredients, all rooted in the Halo tradition, like Little John Scrub and Bishops Wort and Soothing Sevenbark Root. The scent has been carefully formulated with aromas of silver sage, yuzu and cedarwood. His color inspiration is an ode to the Master Chief’s iconic green armor and orange visor of his helmet. Like all Dr. Squatch products, Spartan Scrub is made from natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

“We are very proud to partner with an iconic game franchise like Halo,” said Josh friedman, Director of Marketing at Dr. Squatch. “Our customers are huge fans of the Halo brand, as are our team at Dr. Squatch, so we knew there was an opportunity to create something unique. Together, we created the ultimate armor for them. customers: a natural soap made with the best natural ingredients that really make you feel heroic. “

“Wearing armor all day and saving the universe can be hard work and sometimes leaves you dirty,” said Jean friend, responsible for consumer products Halo and Xbox. “When we realized we had the chance to bring Spartan Scrub to Earth with Dr. Squatch, it was an easy decision. I hope we can all be pure heroes!”

Spartan Scrub Early Access to Purchase is available to Dr. Squatch subscribers for $ 6 to 29 october, and will be accessible to the general public on November, 1st for $ 8. Spartan Scrub is available for purchase exclusively from Dr. Squatch’s website at www.drsquatch.com.

About Dr. Squatch Soap Company
Dr. Squatch is a men’s natural soaps and personal care company, and one of the fastest growing natural personal care companies in the country, reaching approximately $ 100 million in sales in 2020. Dr. Squatch’s flagship products are bar soap, natural deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste. Dr. Squatch sells high quality personal care products for men made in America and wants all men to “feel like a man, feel like a champion” https://drsquatch.com.

SOURCE Dr Squatch

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