Cynthia Rivas, Kate Bock’s skincare guru, talks about her Parisian pop-up and what her “haute couture facial” entails

In Paris for the Couture fashion shows? Then you must *simply* consult a top model licensed beautician Cynthia Rivas at her pop-up skincare practice at the beautiful Le Sofitel Le Faubourg hotel from July 3-7. Townspeople can book an appointment with Rivas to experience her new signature Haute Couture facial, which promises to cleanse, deflate, hydrate, lift and sculpt your bone structure to the highest heavens. (We can personally vouch for the re-emergence of cheekbones and jawlines after the service.) Before her Parisian takeover, we caught up with the expert Kate Bock had on hand to prep her skin on her wedding morning (not severe….). Safe to say, we took plenty of notes. This way!

Before you started your beautician business, you worked with dermatologists. What motivated the pivot?
I first started working in a medical spa. I started relentlessly honing my craft and realized that I wanted to learn more about the medical side of skincare and the best way to do that was to work with a doctor. These years of working in dermatology have truly given me invaluable experience, but I’ve learned that if I want to achieve my full vision of skincare, I have to venture out on my own. So the creation of Cynthia Rivas Skin Care and the rest is now history!

Tell us what makes a Cynthia Rivas experience different and memorable?
For me, it’s all about personalization. As an artist, you never want to get stuck in a box. That’s why I call my office in New York the Cynthia Rivas Skin Care Studio. I create a treatment for each client. My sessions are results-oriented treatments that combine state-of-the-art medical technology with effective and timeless techniques. I use products from all over the world because I like to take a holistic approach to skincare. I also enjoy educating my clients so they can address the health and wellness of their skin. My clients mean everything to me and I strive to provide the best there is.

Cynthia Rivas (Courtesy)

What is the history of the Haute Couture Signature Treatment? What does this imply?
In honor of Couture Week, I wanted to bring sleek, no-downtime, results-driven skincare to Paris. This treatment is a combination of my absolute favorite therapies and products. You can expect to look refreshed, glowing and lifted. I want my clients to be ready for a show/event/party as soon as they step out of the treatment room, it’s going to be amazing!

Do you offer more than Haute Couture care?
Yes, the Haute Couture treatment will be my signature offering to highlight my approach to skincare, but I will have other treatments available, including mini facials for those with busy schedules.

What can guests expect from the pop-up?
Walk away loving their skin and having gained knowledge on how to keep their skin looking its best. I firmly believe that in addition to in-office treatments, the most important rule is to treat your skin at home every day. I have a hand-picked list of my favorite skincare lines such as iS Clinical, Biologique Recherche and Restorsea that I will share with my guests. iS Clinical is going to be giving away amazing goodie bags with some of my favorite products. Guests will also have the opportunity to try out different machines that might not be offered in Paris. So it’s a great way to discover everything.

What makes the city a perfect location for your pop-up?
Parisians really appreciate art and passion, so I thought this would be the perfect place to share my passion, creativity and vision for skincare. I’ve always dreamed of coming back here to experience the culture again. There is so much to learn, eat and drink!

Do you plan other pop-ups in other cities in the near future?
Yes, my dream is to be able to continue to travel the world, learn new skincare techniques and share my skincare knowledge. I have a few in the works for next year. You can stay tuned by following me on Instagram…

What could all the customers you see do better in the summer months?
I recommend being smart with sun exposure – or in other words restrict Sun exposure. The #1 rule for summer skin is to wear sunscreen! I’ve seen too much sun damage not to preach that. It wreaks havoc on your skin and will undo everything you have worked for to rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy. Everyone should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. It’s also important to use an antioxidant product to protect and repair your skin from free radical damage. Personally, I love iS Clinical sunscreens and antioxidant products.

Speaking of! What are your five desert island skincare products?

1) iS Clinical Extreme Protect 40

2)iS Clinical Pro Heal Advanced Serum

3) Biological Research Amniotic Serum

4) Restorsea Rebalancing Lotion

5) iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

What is your biggest dream for the company?
That’s a tough question to answer, but one of my goals is to eventually release my own product. It has always been one of my dreams. I don’t want to sound cliché, but my job has allowed me to meet and visit so many amazing people and places. My dreams are already coming true. I just want to continue the journey with great people around me.

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