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Cover Girl is launching a new campaign to sustain its gain in relevance and market share.

The Coty Inc.-owned brand, which announced the appointment of America Ferrera as its latest face late last year, is kicking off the launch of its first skincare range with a campaign featuring the actress.

The branding strategy, in part orchestrated by Stefano Curti, Coty’s Chief Brand Officer, led to a changing of the tides indicating Coty’s turnaround as a whole.

“The headline is that Cover Girl has returned to growth, and we’ve now had the longest period of sustained market share growth in five years,” Curti told WWD. “We relaunched Cover Girl’s equity core, and we began to regain momentum in March 2021. Now, nearly 12 months later, we have now grown and gained market share for 14 consecutive weeks. .”

Banking on “clean” product positioning with a slew of new launches last year – starting with its Simply Ageless complexion product line, a vegan mascara and its first foray into skincare – the brand has relies on old and new spokesperson lists to market to them. Last year, the brand relaunched its partnership with model Niki Taylor, who was first Cover Girl three decades ago.

“We brought back Niki Taylor, we reinvested in the heart of the business and we brought back this authentic and new approach. [to beauty]”, Curti said. “We’re really dominant in the mass market clean space. Now we’re launching Clean Fresh skincare, so we continue to own the space.

Ferrera brought in Curti for a number of reasons, Curti explained. “She’s a good storyteller and she has an authentic story to tell,” he said. “It’s an addition to a list that increasingly represents America, the United States. Personality-wise, it adds a new look to how the brand has evolved over time.

It’s also an important demographic approach, Curti said, given Ferrera’s Latinx heritage. “She fits the profile of the evolving American consumer, which is the Hispanic consumer… 20% of the American population is Hispanic, it’s the fastest growing and youngest population. Eighty percent of them buy beauty once a month, and the values ​​of the Hispanic consumer when it comes to beauty are very much aligned with our value: integrity over price. »

The campaign is taking a similar form to that of Taylor, who has been self-shooting throughout the pandemic. “The ad ends with, ‘My name is America and I’m a Cover Girl,'” he said. “We’re going to use her story to connect with the brand and provide the brand with that new, fresh voice.” Subsequent iterations of the campaign will feature the skincare line‘s flagship product, Weightless Water Cream.

“I am thrilled that my journey as a Cover Girl begins with the launch of the new Clean Fresh Skincare collection,” Ferrara said in a statement. “Since I was 17, make-up has been part of my job. Skincare, on the other hand, is something I’ve grown to love on my own and it’s really become my beauty priority. When I’m not working, I like to have healthy, beautiful bare skin on its own.

Fresher faces and “clean” products are also in the works for the year. “You will continue to see Cover Girl pioneering the clean, health and wellness space in the mass market. That’s what fairness is built on,” Curti said. “That’s where the brand has very well reacted, so you will see more in other categories.”

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